How Sugar Affects Your Body

A lot of foods, including main dishes, appetizers, snacks and desserts are made with varying amounts of sugar along with other ingredients, additives. Without sugar, you would not enjoy your morning cup of tea or smoothies after workout! It is also used to make a lot of confectioneries, baked stuff and nearly every dish you eat has some amount of sugar thrown in! While eating sugar in excess amount is harmful for health, most people remain oblivious to the extent of harm done by it. The truth is consuming sugar is no less harmful than in taking trans-fat and junk food.

Top 6 ways which your body can be harmed by sugar intake:

No To Excessive sugar

1. It can wreck havoc on cardiac health

Taking sugar in high amounts through foods and beverages can be really detrimental to the human heart. A study published in the American Heart Association Journal a couple of years back showed how sugar can affect heart’s pumping mechanism adversely. This can eventually raise risk of cardiac failure. The molecule named G6P affects muscle protein in the human heart. Other studies have shown in-taking high amounts of fructose may hike triglycerides, harmful LDL and also lead to abdominal obesity. These pave way for heart ailments.

2. Sugar makes you obese, promotes accumulation of belly fat

If shedding excess weight and attaining a slim waistline is your dream, reduce sugar consumption as much as you can. It is not fat from foods that contribute to rising waistlines alone! High amounts of fructose often derived from soda and sweetened fruit juices, promote visceral fat accumulation. It affects both kids and adults.

3. Sugar consumption promotes Insulin Resistance, leading to diabetes

Eating too much sugar can lead to Insulin resistance which paves way for onset of Diabetes. By eating sugar, you let glucose get into cells from the bloodstream. Over time, cells become resistant to Insulin. It can lead to type II diabetes and other ailments like cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. This has been corroborated by the findings of a lot of studies.

4. Cancer formation may be caused by sugar

As shocking and unexpected as it may sound, sugar consumption may be linked to the onset of cancer in the human body. Excess sugar consumption leads to insulin resistance in the human body. A study carried out in 2013 showed links between sugar consumption, resultant insulin release by the pancreas. This eventually leads to GIP hormone formation which affects cells vulnerable to cancer. Other studies have linked sugar intake and cancer survival rate.

5. Sugar leads to liver toxicity, similar to alcohol

Studies carried out in recent years have indicated sugar consumed in the form of fructose and glucose can have a toxic impact on human liver. It works on same way alcohol affects liver, the studies have indicated. A lot of people leading a sedentary lifestyle often get afflicted by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease owing to excess sugar eating.

6. Sugar speeds up the ageing process

If you think it is the exposure to pollution and stress that makes the wrinkles on your face prominent, think again! Excess sugar consumption also speeds up the ageing process in humans and the results manifest in so many ways. A University of California study published in the coveted American Journal of Public Health pointed to this discovery. It affects ageing the same way as smoking. It also makes the cognitive efficacy of brain take a backseat!

Overall, sugar consumption makes you susceptible to various serious ailments and shortens lifespan in numerous ways. Therefore, it is essential that you cut out sources of sugar in your diet and resort to natural sources of sugar like honey, fruits and vegetables.