How To Approach Yoga From The Far Side of 40

Yoga is a simple, yet effective aerobic workout that can be adopted at any point of time in your life, irrespective of your age and health conditions. However, it could definitely be an intimidating experience, if you have not been moving your body for a long time or your co-practitioners are a younger group. A subtle start – that is what you need to keep yourself active while curbing down that stress. There are countless benefits yoga offers for the people who are from the far side of the 40, from flexibility to stress relief to better menopausal management. Renowned yoga teachers vouch for of yoga’s role in rendering a better positive attitude and age gracefully.

All you need to do is to remember certain things at the back of your mind before you get started and that’s what precisely this write-up talks about. But before diving deep there, take a look at some of the interesting reasons you should take up yoga as you approach your 50s.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

The Benefits of Doing Yoga As You Touch 40s

Here is why you should do yoga as you approach the far side of your 40s:

  1. Better flexibility
  2. Better balance
  3. Enhanced stamina
  4. Better blood circulation
  5. Improved immunity
  6. Better sleep
  7. Weight loss
  8. Better relexation
  9. Enhanced digestive power
  10. Shields heart

Guidelines To Approach Yoga From The Far Side of 40

Here are few tips that could actually come handy if you want to invest in your health with yoga.

1. Be Aware of Your Physical Concerns

You might be under the siege of hypertension or diabetes or other health conditions. If you have any health issues or injuries or physical limitations, ensure that you always remember that. Check out with doctor to ward off any unknown chronic illness to avoid yoga injuries.

2. Alignment Is More Important

Concentrate on alignment. Listen to your teacher carefully and learn how to get into a asana, hold it, and release it. Never attempt something just because you feel it is comfortable; you might be doing it wrong.

3. Give Yourself Enough Time

Take your own time to understand the pose. You can hold the pose for 20 seconds initially and slowly improve the duration with your improving endurance, flexibility, and strength. Make sure you are able to balance yourself properly.

4. Never Compete

You are in the yoga class to learn and not to compete. So, never focus on others. Your sole focus should be on holding the pose the right way and breathing right. It is okay if you are not holding longer; at least you are doing right.

5. Use Props

Remember that you are almost 50 and using props in yoga is not a crime. Use a blanket if you have a knee issue that prevents you from practicing Marjariasana for additional cushioning. You can use blocks and straps too to get into a particular pose.

6. Opt To Learn Poses That Are Simple

You need not show off your skills. Start with simple, easy to learn balancing and endurance poses. That is more vital than showing yourself off with a headstand.

7. Learn To Say No

Not everyone can do a Sarvangasana or a Mayurasana. Hence, learning to say a no is very important. If you feel a particular pose is not your cup of tea, then be bold and tell the instructor that you cannot attempt it. He might give you some variations.

8. Be Optimistic

There is a general tendency to get depressed at this age. It happens when you are not able to do a pose the way you want to. However, it is advisable to keep up your optimism at an all time high. This will help you achieve your goal, but within a time.

9. Keep Water Handy

Keep sipping water to prevent yourself from collapsing due to dehydration. Limit the intake to sips.

10. Inform Your Instructor

Meet your instructor before the class begins and inform him about your health conditions. If you are doing group classes with different teachers taking different sessions, then please do inform them at the beginning of classes to avoid unwanted injuries.

Always do a homework before you join a yoga class. Zero on professionals who have their certifications. Opt for a personalized class. Embrace yoga today and see how it helps you age gracefully!