How To Avoid Depression Relapse

Perhaps one of the most difficult things in life is the recovery from depression. When you are in depression, nothing seems to be going right and it feels like the end of all the roads for you. Getting out of this situation requires a lot of will power and a great deal of support from friends and family. Once you are out of depression, you may feel that life is sunny and bright and nothing could affect you anymore. However, there is a bad news. 50 percent of the people who have experienced major depression at least once in their life are prone to a relapse. The likelihood of relapse increases if you have been witness to more than one episodes of depression in your life. Whether the depression will relapse or not depends a great deal on your mental strength, the magnitude of depression you have been through and also the history of depression in your family. But all is not bad. There is good news that you can avoid depression relapse by following some vital steps. Here are some of them.

depression relapse

Don’t take too much work too soon

It is important to stay busy in life as it helps you divert your mind from the things you don’t want to think about. However, loading yourself up with too much work can trigger depression relapse. The reason is pretty simple. When you are loaded with work you are very likely to have many deadlines to meet. This further means that you will be overwhelmed with work. Due to this, you are very likely to get stressed. Stress is one of the major reasons why people fall into depression. You may not be going through a depression phase at the moment, but too much stress could cause certain symptoms of relapse to become severe. Therefore, it is necessary that you work within your limits and strike a good balance. Work only as much as you need to keep you occupied. Do not overwork and allow stress to creep into your life.

Don’t forget regular exercise


Do you know that exercising is one of the best methods to help prevent or fight depression? This may sound a little weird to you but it is still true. Experts say that exercising regularly acts as an antidepressant and also helps fight stress. There are many reasons why exercising is a good anti depressant. First of all, regular workout keeps you fitter and healthier. If you are fitter, you are more likely to feel happier. Moreover, while you are exercising, there are certain hormones that are released in your body which trigger feel good factor and make you happier. There are many different exercises that you can do. For instance, you can combine aerobics with regular exercises. You can also join Yoga classes, which has proven to be beneficial for people going through depression.

Try and keep a positive attitude towards life

Although it is easier said than done, still your resolve to become positive and happier could go a long way in ensuring that there is no depression relapse. While you are going through depression, becoming positive is the only challenge you have to face. However, when you are normal, and trying to prevent depression relapse, you can focus on positivity. Positive attitude towards life should be the product of your inner-self. But not many people are able to get the positivity from deep inside. You can also take help of motivational and inspirational books and training classes.

Take good care of your health

It is rightly said that health is wealth. If you want to prevent depression relapse, you will need to take care of your physical health as well as mental health. It is the connection between the mind and body which plays a very vital role in the prevention of depression relapse. Take good care of yourself and you will be much less vulnerable to the recurrence of depression. Depression not only affects your mental health, it may affect your physical health too. People in depression are more likely to attract cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. A study shows that depressed people have more health related issues than people not in depression. If you take good care of your health, you will not be depressed. When you are not depressed, your health gets better.

Do not procrastinate

People don’t realize this but their habit of procrastination causes a lot of stress and eventually depression and relapse. When you put off things for some other time, you are constantly reminded that there is something still unfinished. However, if you finish things when you can, you will feel relaxed and happier. This is the reason why it is important to finish the work as soon as possible and not put it off for some other time.

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