How To Avoid The Health Risks of Computers

Computers have taken over our lives. That is the veritable truth. These computing machines are now integral to our daily existence. The computing device has brought with its invention, way too much of convenience and simplicity. I say way too much because such has been its benefit that we have unfortunately overlooked the dangers of excessive usage. Alleviating our otherwise menial tasks, the computer most certainly has. Undoubtedly optimal yet undoubtedly hazardous if risk prevention isn’t on your agenda.

We show you how to use your computer efficiently with minimal health risk to your being. Advocating the redundancy of the computer isn’t our motto here; we simply love ’em! After all, computers are here to stay no matter how small they might get. We’ll break it down to the basics for you so that you can teach yourself and your loved ones how to avoid the health risks of computers.

Sitting and Posture


You’ve heard it before, but how many of you subscribe to it? A poor posture is the primary reason for major health issues in today’s day and age. If you do have to sit at your computer for 8 working hours, you might as well do it right or you can shave years of your mortality right there. Dr. James Levine has this to say on the issue “We are sitting ourselves to death”. Yup, that was meant to scare you. Scare you into doing it right.

Standing stations take a stand

standing desk

Standing stations are making the rounds in offices and homes around the world. And it stands (pun intended) to good reason. Standing helps us burn more calories than sitting ever could. Sitting for extended periods without a break or moving around causes our muscles to tighten in the wrong places for extended periods of time thus causing back pain and neck stiffness.

Walk breaks


You must make it a point to take a break every hour. Walk around and do a couple of stretching exercises, it makes all the difference. Sitting extensively can also lead to poor bone density. So get up and walk or better yet start working at standing computer stations and slowly increase your standing ‘tolerance’.

Blue Light Exposure

Blue Light Exposure

Electricity is a boon in our lives indeed. Unfortunately a lesser known fact is that it can interfere with our sleep patterns and circadian rhythms.

Altering Circadian Rhythms

The dictionary describes it like so; “Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism’s environment. They are found in most living things, including animals, plants and many tiny microbes.”

We inadvertently have always referred to this as our body clock. Too much of blue light exposure, especially after-dark tricks our body into altering its natural processes. When that happens, you don’t feel good. This abnormal light exposure has been strongly linked to increased prevalence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and several cancers.

Wearing safety eyewear for this very purpose helps a great deal. Remarkably, there are also free computer programs available that minimize blue light exposure.

Electromagnetic Radiation

There are different types of electromagnetic radiation out there which have an effect on how your body reacts. Even computers give out electromagnetic radiation which can be harmful to health and well-being.

1. Extremely Low Frequency
Electronics such as AC power cords, desktop computers and power transmission lines emit ELF. All devices with 1-300 kHz emit this level of frequency. Known to damage DNA cells and disrupt bodily functions.

2. Radio Frequency/ Microwave
Mobile phones, microwave ovens and WiFi transmit this kind of radio frequency. All equipment with 900 MHz-10 GHz emit a much higher frequency. As you can imagine the biological functions affected are much greater such as disruption of body cell functions and mutation of cells with possibly carcinogenic implications.

Now that we have broken down all the worst case scenarios for you; you can now begin employing the counter options suggested here. To combat the health risks posed by unhealthy habits. Take pleasure in working on your computer, but don’t let it cut short the quality of your life or your family’s.