How To Avoid Weight Gain from Genetics

A lot of people put the blame of obesity on their genes. While it is true that genetic factor has an impact on your body mass but it is not the sole reason. In fact, studies have shown that genetic factor does not affect obesity by more than 15 percent. However, if not taken care of, it can have a great impact. A common human tendency is to put the blame on the others to avoid any efforts for the cause. However, if you are really concerned about your health and well-being then you will stop putting the blame on genes and start planning out something to stop weight gain. If your family has a history of being overweight it does not necessarily mean you will also be overweight. There are many ways which can help you prevent from being overweight even when it is in your genes.

Effect of Genetics On Obesity

If you take care of your lifestyle genetics factor can be nullified. However, a careless person will always get affected by the genetics. In fact, if your family has a history of obesity, you may find weight loss more difficult than the others. Your metabolism is largely affected by your genes and thus how your body responds to what you eat is also determined by genetics. Your appetite and your fat storage capacity are also determined by your genes. Still, it is worth noting that none of it is out of your control. If you have a strong will, you will be able to override the factor of genetics and control your body weight.

Don’t Give Up Yet

It is highly advisable that you don’t live by only half the knowledge. Genetics does determine obesity but so many people don’t know that weight loss is still within their will. People usually give up blaming their overweight state on genes. If you submit to the genetics factor, you will start believing that you will gain weight no matter what you do. Due to this you will end up losing the will to lose weight.

Always remember that what you eat, how much you eat, and how much physical activities you do will determine your body weight more than your genetics. Therefore, instead of giving up make some changes in your life. Start eating healthier, avoid junk and fatty food, and workout a lot. It will not be easy but you will need to choose between easy and being overweight.

Up Your Physical Activities


One of the most important things that will keep you from gaining weight due to genetics is the amount of physical activities you get involved in. Especially if obesity is in your genes, you will have to put more efforts than the others who do not have that in their genes. The intensity of physical activities will be higher as compared to others. To start with, you can join a gym and involve in weight loss exercises.

If you are overweight, it will not be easy for you to get started with physical activities. However, in the due course of time you will get used to it and you will start enjoying it, especially when you will see the noticeable results.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

While some people have obesity in their genes, there are some who do not gain weight no matter what they eat. When you are on a diet regime for the purpose of weight loss, it could get very frustrating watching other people eat liberally while you stick to your healthy diet. Controlling your palate is not an easy task at all. Especially when you are hungry you will hardly visualize yourself having low cal, low fat salad. You will perhaps picture yourself gobbling down a bacon cheese burger.

Unfortunately, the things that taste the best are your worst enemy. They will never let you lose weight. But do remember that high fat food, processed and junk food, and sugary food are not good even for people who do not have the weight gain tendency. One way or the other bad eating habits do manifest harmfully. For instance, someone who doesn’t gain weight may still end up with diabetes. If you want to stay fit and also want to make sure that you do not gain weight remove all the fatty foods from your daily diet. If you are not able to resist yourself from eating unhealthy, get into the company of the people who have same goal as yours.

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