How To Avoid Weight Gain While Injured

Unfortunate as it is, it’s actually very easy for anyone who is injured to gain weight. When you are in traction then you’re more likely to lose muscle mass and possible more likely to eat stuff at random, thus making it easier for you to gain weight. This may actually do more to hurt you rehab process depending on what you are doing with it.

This can be a real problematic issue but if you use the right ideas when eating then you will be less likely to gain weight during a time when you are injured. If you use a few good strategies then you won’t be at risk of gaining a substantial amount of weight.

Make Sure You Stretch

You should still make yourself feel active even if you are injured. Stretching exercises can help you to stimulate your body and to potentially keep you from feeling hungry.

The exercises to perform can vary based on your injury. Talk to your doctor about what’s right for your specific condition. If you don’t stretch the right way then you may be at risk of injuring yourself even more by using the wrong moves.


Meditation Also Helps

You can also stay mentally active and focused on your recovery and less on eating if you meditate. Meditation works by allowing you to focus your mind on your recovery and to relax yourself. A good twenty-minute meditation session each day can help you to rest your mind and to ease your thoughts. This can help you to enhance your body and to reorganize your thoughts to the point where you won’t think about eating.

Control Your Diet

Healthy Diet

If you talk with a nutritionist then you might find that a good diet to have when recovering from an injury will entail plenty of protein to keep your muscles intact, healthy fats to enhance tissue production and a lack of sugars and other processed ingredients to protect your body in the long run. These are great things to have in your diet but it’s especially important to see that you watch for what you eat.

It’s understandable that people often eat improperly while they are injured. If you continue with a healthy regimen like what you had before an injury and add healthy fats and protein to the mix then you should not be at risk. In fact, if you were to gain weight it would more than likely be added muscle mass if you are successful in getting it ready.

Rehab Activities Work

The types of rehab activities that you can participate in will vary based on your injury. If you’ve injured your leg then maybe treadmill activities can work, for instance.

The goal of rehab is to help you strengthen muscles or to get ones that have been impacted in some way back into a healthy routine. Anything you can do to rehabilitate your muscles will go a long way towards providing your body with the added sense of control and physical support that you want to get out of it. This works especially if you are careful with how you manage your workouts.

Participate in these physical activities as directed and you’ll be able to keep on staying active, thus reducing your potential to gain weight. This should especially enhance your body’s overall ability to recover and to stay healthy.

Keep Fruits and Vegetables In Check


It’s especially a necessity to have enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. These are to not only keep you full but to also provide you with nutrients required for repairing your body over time. In addition, you can get plenty of fiber off of different types of nutrients.

This is especially useful if your plan your diet ahead of time to ensure that it is safe to consume. Planning your diet is needed to help you out with protecting yourself and to keep you from feeling weak if you are trying to recover.

All of these options are great for helping you to stay healthy even if you are injured. Be sure to talk with your doctor regardless of what you do to ensure that you know what you can do with your body.