How To Beat The Cold Weather Blues

Come winter and you will start feeling lazy. The sole thought most of us have is to wrap ourselves inside those cozy, warm blankets and sip in cup after cup of hot, strong coffee… And, winter blues are also there… Zero motivation, energy levels spiraling down, and feeling lost are some of the interesting charcateristisc that you are under the siege of winter blues. But the good news is that you can beat the cold weather blues! How? Here are a few effective tips that will help you! Check out!

9 Interesting Tips To Beat Winter Blues

1. Workout, workout, and workout!


Working out is essential to keep yourself fit, but do you know that it helps in eliminating those winter blues too? Yes! They boost your metabolism levels; the energy levels are on the upswing! The endorphins released while exercising averts stress levels and even improves your mood. Just a 30 minute brisk walk will also do the job! My choice – yoga! It keeps me fit – physically, mentally, and psychologically!

2. Keep A Track of What You Eat!

post workout snacks

Food and mood share a close relationship, in turn affecting your energy levels and fitness quotient. Avoid processed and refined foods; chuck out sugar. Include more complex carbohydrates in your diet. Avoid your fizzy colas too. These foods just keep you satiated for the moment; packed with zero nutrition levels, these foods are key triggers of mood swings and depression. They just zap the energy levels, worsening those blues. Choose foods that are nutrient rich and have the potential to keep your hungry pangs away, while stabilizing your energy and sugar levels.

3. Fix A Date With The Sun!

Sunny Morning

Fix a date with sun for that daily dose of vitamin D. It not only stabilizes your mood, but also improves your energy levels. Lack of exposure to sunlight is one of common reasons why you feel low during winter. The sunlight triggers the secretion of the feel good hormones, paving way to a better mood. Just take a walk or if you are visiting a cafe, try to sit in a place where sunlight falls on you. Keep the artificial lights to minimum… It will help you!

4. Time To Remember Your Resolutions!


This is the time you should revisit your resolutions that you might have made at the beginning of the year. Be it the decision to quit smoking or indulge in more exercising, just revisit them. Work on them and you will see the blues vanishing away.

5. Cut down alcohol intake!


A glass of wine might seem to be easing out the blues, but the fact is really worrisome. Be it beer or wine or rum, alcohol is known to worsen the signs of depression. So, stay clear of alcohol intake. It is ok if you drink moderately, but binge drinking is a strict no-no, if you really want to feel good this winter.

6. Get A Good Massage Done!


Massage, akin to exercising, uplifts the mood. Your blood circulation levels improve; this, in turn, stimulates the secretion of endorphins, the feel good hormones! The higher the secretion of endorphins are, the better your mood will be. Your depression will disappear; your energy levels will surge, and you will feel all the more better!

7. Take A Holiday!

holiday in maritimes

Cold weathers make perfect holidays! Take a break from you busy routine and join your family for a holiday. Choose a destination where the weather is warm! If you do not want to visit any place, just stay at home and catch up with the books you have piled up! Or, just take a distressing yoga holiday! Meditation, especially with a group, is one of the best holidays to beat cold weather blues.

8. Sleep, Sleep, And Sleep!


It is quite natural to pull up our blankets and sleep a little more during cold weather. However, with the given busy lifestyle, there are times when you will have to compromise on your sleep! Just ensure that you are sticking onto your bedtime routine. Aim to sleep at least 7 hours a day. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime. Do a small relaxation routine to enable you to let go off the exhaustive day. And, remember try sleeping not more than 10 hours; it actually adds to blues. If you are on a holiday or on weekends, you can catch up with a 30 minute nap! It will energize you!

9. Drink Water!

drinking water

Keep sipping water throughout the day. Opt for lukewarm warm flavored with a little dry ginger powder. It will boost your metabolism levels and keep away digestive disorders! And, your energy levels and mood will also be on the high!

So, what do you do to beat the blues cold weather brings in? Share with us!