How To Boost Your Cardiac Health

Do you know the importance of September 29th? Well, it is the World Heart Day. There is lots and lots said about the importance of maintaining a good cardiac health. Yet, unfortunately, more than 11.3% of the adult population have been diagnosed with heart diseases, says a report published on According to Women’s Heart Foundation, heart diseases claim the lives of more than 8.6 million women every year. It does sound gloomy, but it is the fact. If you have remained careless all these days, it is time you take action. Follow these simple, but effective ways to improve your cardiac health!

1. Cut Down Stress


Stress is a silent killer. It is good, but only till a certain extent. When you come under the attack of intense chronic stress, the chances of you developing coronary artery disease grows up. Unwanted and meaningless stress also leads to overeating and unhealthy habits such as chain smoking and drug addiction, all which upsets the heart. So if you want to a healthy heart, cut down your stress right now.

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2. Learn To Relax

Music For Stress Management

If you have to get the stress out of your head, then you should learn to relax. Breath works, meditations, visualizations, subtle stretches, reading books, listening to music, or taking a walk in the fresh air could help in easing the stress. Make energy exercises such as yoga or Tai Chi a part of your life as they allow you to regain that balance you lost somewhere.

3. Get The Sleep Right


6 to 8 hours of deep sleep every night keeps your heart safe and healthy. Avoid watching television or staying in front of the computer or laptop for a long time as they hamper your sleeping routine. A glass of milk along with one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder could also help in gifting you a good night’s sleep. Try to create a sleep routine by going to bed around the same time daily.

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4. Get Your Carbohydrates Right


Complex, whole carbohydrates packed with generous amounts of fiber keeps your heart healthy and fit. Studies have proven that adequate amount of fiber intake helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol in blood, thereby preventing the deposits of fats clogging the arteries. Pep up your fiber intake by just 7 grams a day to cut down the risk of stroke by 7%.

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5. Work It Out


Keep yourself fit to boost your heart health. People who are obese are at a higher risk of developing heart conditions such as atherosclerosis. Along with a fiber-rich diet, it is important to accommodate a healthy exercise regimen to burn the excess flab and keep your heart safe and secure.

6. Boost Up Your Antioxidants


The antioxidants, especially flavonoids, help in maintaining the flexibility of the arteries. These free radical scavengers also help in lowering the levels of low density lipoprotein, prevent them from the attack of free radicals, thereby averting the formation of plaque. Berries, dark chocolates, and fruits could be your antioxidant picks.

7. Scoop On Healthy Fats


Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to improve and maintain the heart’s health. According to a study that appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association, women who consumed omega-3 rich fish once a week had 33% less chances of developing heart diseases than those who consumed the same just once a month. Healthy fats are known to shield you from various cardiac conditions such as arrhythmia.

8. Be Active In Bed

Sex life

A great sex life improves your relaxation quotient, thereby lowering stress levels. In short, people who have an active and enthusiastic sex life have better and stronger heart.

9. Chuck Out The Junk Food

Eating Junk Food Affects Child's Health

Say goodbye to aerated drinks and eatables made using refined flour. Eliminate sugar and unhealthy fats from your diet. Cut down the intake of caffeine. Your heart would thank you if you do these.

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10. Drink Alcohol In Moderation


Alcohol, when consumed in moderation, helps in boosting the cardiac health. Studies suggest that moderate use of alcohol protects you from coronary heart disease.

Include these small changes in your life and you would be gifting yourself a stronger heart!