How To Bottle Feed Your Baby Correctly

Breastfeeding is the best feed a newborn can receive and stays good enough to fill your sweetheart for 6 months. However, many a time, new mothers find themselves in situations that require them to introduce the babies to bottle feeding. Irrespective of the scenario of implementing bottle, just ensure that your baby is at least 30 days old. You can start the practice a couple of weeks before you have to leave your baby behind to avoid glitches. Breastfeeding and bottle feeding are entirely different, with tongue and mouth movements sharing zero similarities.

Here are few tips that will help you to bottle feed your baby correctly.

Bottle Feed Your Baby Correctly

1. Sit Down.

Sit down in a place and position of your choice, where you can place you baby in the most comfortable position of her convenience. Try to sit in such a way that your baby is almost upright, with adequate support for her head, and head aligned with her body.

2. Cuddle Your Fairy.

Cuddle her for a while. Make an effort to strike an eye contact and prepare her for the feed.

3. Hold The Bottle Horizontally.

Hold the filled bottle in a firm, yet controlled way. Tip it gently in a horizontal way so that milk flows into her mouth, but does not flood her.

4. Catch Her Attention.

You can stroke the teat against her cheek or lips to grab her attention.

5. Place The Tip In Her Mouth.

Once she is comfortable looking at you and ready for the feed, she will open up her mouth, pushing her tongue downward. Only then, place the nipple in her mouth, gently urging her to draw the milk.

6. Tilt The Bottle.

Keep tilting the bottle, but in a gentle way, so that nipple is filled with milk. Failing to tilt will cause air to build up in the nipple, invoking undesirable reactions in the infant. You will be able to notice the bubbles that fill up the bottle as your baby sucks milk. If the nipple moves away from the mouth or there are no bubbles inside the bottle, then just swirl the bottle gently inside her mouth so that air gets back into the bottle.

7. Keep A Check On Her Position.

Always keep a tab on how your baby is positioned. If they are in a playful mood, then they could keep moving their head. If the head is tilted backwards or sideways, feeding becomes a daunting task. In such cases, place the bottle next to you after covering it and adjust your baby’s positioning. Once she is comfortable, you can start the feeding process again.

8. Keep A Tab On The Time.

This is meant exclusively for the new mothers. Your little one will tend to be full within 10 minutes. She would love to wind up her feeding session after that. So, just keep a tab on the time.

9. Burping Is Important!

Once she is full, lift her gently and allow her to rest with her little tummy resting on your chest and her chin on your shoulders. Gently pat or rub her back to comfort her. Keep doing this till she burps. This is essential to prevent the trapping of gas within the intestine causing cramps and pain.

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  1. Never leave the baby flat or alone with a feed in her hand. The tendencies of babies choking due to wrong positioning of the bottle are quite high. Laying the baby flat could also pave way for the milk to flow into the middle ear, triggering ear infection.
  2. Ensure that your baby does not doze off with the nipple in her mouth. This could cause infant teeth decay. Keep her awake through the feed. Once she is done, remove the bottle gently from her mouth and give her a teaspoon of lukewarm water.
  3. Keep the feeding environment free from noise. Any kind of sound could distract the baby in the growing process, hampering her nutritional intake.
  4. Always feed the baby in a lonely room. The lesser the number of people around is, the lower the chances of distractions is.

Bottle feeding, akin to breastfeeding, is the time to bond with your baby. The cuddles that you fill her with after the feed creates a special bond between you and her. Enjoy these special moments with your baby, without any traces of guilt, and nurture her growth and your bond.