How To Change Your Diet To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be tough- you’ll need to make a lot of changes- not only to your diet but also to your lifestyle. But what exactly do you need to change in your diet to make sure you lose weight and get back in shape? Keep reading to find out.

Time your Meals

Following an erratic lifestyle can catch up with you and can affect your health negatively. The same applies when it comes to food- consuming your meals at a scheduled time can help you less prone to eating foods that may cause you to gain weight. Inversely, going for hours and hours without eating anything can make you more likely to eat foods you wouldn’t want to.

Weight Loss

Pack Some Snacks

If you tend to munch on a bag of chips or grab a burger on the go, its time to choose some healthy snacks for yourself. Everyday, before you head out, pack something that you could munch on while you’re out and have a hunger pang coming up- baked banana chips, homemade cookies or even an apple can work well.

Get your Protein

One of the simplest and easiest steps when it comes to making changes to your diet and losing weight is to consume more of protein. You could choose lean meats like chicken and turkey or go for vegetarian options like pulses and grains. Eating more protein will also keep you feeling more full and will make you less likely to eat more.

Spice it Up

Another great trick to control the amount of food that you eat, especially while dining out or at a party, is to add more spices. Spices are thought to boost metabolism naturally, and can keep you from over indulging in fatty foods that could spell trouble for your diet. What’s more, spices also keep your digestive system healthy- so make sure you grab more of these on your next trip to the supermarket.

Chew More

If you’re one of those who get tempted into consuming more, this is a great trick to control it. Make it a point to chew your food 10 times before gulping it down- this form of mindful eating will keep you satiated and less likely to consume more amounts of food.

Choose Healthier Alternatives

The best way to make sure you eat healthy and keep your weight in check is to choose healthier alternatives to your favourite foods that tend to be unhealthy. You could add more grains to your diet by switching to brown bread or multi grain bread, or choose low fat and low sugar varieties for your favourite foods.


A lot of times, the unexpected hunger pangs that we feel are nothing but your brain’s temptation to indulge in a particular food. You can easily curb these cravings by drinking a glass of water or by simply sucking on a mint.

Don’t Skip your Breakfast


One of the basic rules to follow religiously to make sure that you stay in shape is to never ever skip breakfast- it is probably the biggest mistake you could make. You may think that skipping breakfast is a great way to cut down on your calorie intake, but this idea can backfire quickly. It has been found that individuals who skip their breakfast are more likely to overeat later during the day.

Trim your Portions

Another simple way to lose weight by changing your diet is to trim your portion size, especially when you’re dining out. Consume smaller quantities of food frequently- this is thought to make you less likely to overeat. Also, it is thought to reduce body mass index levels significantly.

Get the Tea Power

Green Tea

Here’s another good reason to get the green tea- as opposed to coffee, green tea contains only half the amount of caffeine. What’s more, it also contains a good dose of antioxidants which speed up metabolism and help you lose weight. What’s more, regular consumption of green tea can also stimulate release of toxins from the body and can improve overall health.

Add more Fruits

If you’re one of those who have a sweet tooth, adding more fruits to your diet is the perfect thing to go. Fruits contain natural sugars and also pack in many important vitamins and minerals.