How To Choose The Best Weight Loss Detox Diet

Weight loss detox diets are becoming very popular nowadays due to increased interest in physical fitness. Although there are many detox diet programs available to those who want to lose weight through proper dieting, not all of them are suitable for all people. The best detox diet for weight loss is one that will help you to reach your weight loss goals.

Detox Supplements and Fiber Pills

Most weight loss detox diet programs include detox supplements and fiber products. The detox products are used to cleanse the body organs while the fiber pills or supplements help to promote regularity and eliminate waste from the intestines and colon. A significant amount of weight can be lost through the use of these detox systems, which helps to get rid of waste matter that has accumulated in the digestive tract. These diet programs usually are packaged with instructions on how to maintain a low-carbohydrate, low-sugar diet during the detox.


These diet systems also recommend avoiding or minimizing consumption of fat and processed foods while on the detox program.

Organic Raw Foods

Another effective detox diet for weight loss involves consuming only organic raw foods during the detoxification period. Some people find that they are able to lose weight on this detox diet. It is recommended to drink plenty of water as well as a detox tea, during this time. Caffeine is not allowed on this kind of cleansing program, but green tea is usually allowed because it is low in caffeine and very high in antioxidants. Organic raw foods are packed with nutrition and dietary fiber, which is highly recommended for clearing out the colon.

Water Detox

One of the most dramatic detox diets for weight loss is the water detox. This detox diet involves consuming only water for a day or more. Even though this weight loss program may cause fast weight loss, it’s generally not advisable to do it without being supervised by a qualified health care provider. This kind of weight loss program may help detoxify the body, but there is a possibility that it can lead to other health issues and does not usually give long-term weight loss results.

Lemonade Master Cleanse


This type of weight loss detox diet is an intense cleansing system that can help you lose weight quickly. However, it is based on consuming only a lemonade mixture, which cannot sustain some individuals, even for just a few days. Lemonade master cleanse is designed to help the body release toxins and flush them out.


A detox diet program involves eating certain foods in order to rid the body, particularly the intestinal tract, of parasites, excess waste and toxins. It is believed that, by adhering to a cleansing diet and avoiding foods that are not natural, you can lose weight and stay fit. As many experts will advise, choose the weight loss plan that you can stick to. No one diet plan works for everybody. These detox diets are fairly straightforward, but it is important to consult your healthcare provider before going on a diet plan.