How To Choose The Right And Healthiest Cereal

For mothers worried about their kids getting the right nutrition throughout the day, especially in breakfasts, cereals come as bliss. Preparing cereals takes only a few minutes. All you need is some type of cereal, a bowl, milk and a dash of sugar! However, you need to be careful when buying cereals for the kids and others in the family. Not every pack of cereal sold in your nearby shopping mall or an online store are as healthy as the manufacturers want you to believe!

4 Tips That You Will Find Useful For Buying Healthy Cereals:

1. Read The Label

Read Nutrition Labels

It would be a mistake to get carried away by the bright packaging of the cereal cartons and jars on shop shelves. Your kid may swoon over the attention seeking cartoon characters imprinted on the cartons, but you need to read the labels carefully. Look at the nutrients included in the cereal and their percentage as well. The nutrients quoted are usually for every 100 grams.

2. Mind The Sugar

No To Excessive sugar

Cereal manufacturers often add sugar and artificial flavours to make the products, tastier and more appealing to users. You need to look at the amount of sugar used in the product. It would be a wise move to buy a variant with less sugar. You can add fruits like apple, orange, mango and berries to add sweetness. Some cereals may have other forms of artificial sweeteners and corn syrup.

3. Fiber

Dietary fiber

You should preferably buy those cereals that are rich in dietary fibre. Fibre rich foods are good for everyone in the family. The better choices are bran cereals and oat cereals though you can also pick the puffed wheat based ones. In general, sugar laden cereals have less fibre per serving.

4. Sodium Content

Check Sodium Content

Woman comparing breakfast cereals in grocery store

You will find some low calorie cereals in the nearby food store. While the caloric value is less these cereals are likely to be fortified with sodium. Excess sodium intake can prove to be hazardous for human health. Besides, keep in mind when you add milk to the cereals, the sodium quotient shoots up even more.

Some of The Best Cereals You Can Buy

1. Multi Grain Cereals

The multi grain cereals are really healthy. However, to get the maximum benefits you should opt for the variants with whole grains and not those with refined grains. Whole grain variants do come with added fibre, which is a plus point.

2. High Protein Cereals

Earlier, cereals were not really associated with protein, but things have changed in recent times. Nowadays, you can buy high protein cereals and by adding milk to them, you get a great way to acquire protein from vegetable sources! However, remember that the protein in these cereals is derived from soy. This makes such cereals unsuitable for people with soy allergy.

3. Granola

Granola based cereals are replete with nutrients. They offer you antioxidants derived from dry fruit, healthy fats from nuts along with fibre obtained from oats. However, you need to look at sugar content and amount of fibre over serving.

4. Shredded Wheat

You should choose this variant if steering clear of sugary cereals is on your agenda! It contains no sugar, almost. Add some milk, fruits and chopped nuts to give the kids a really healthy bowl of cereals.

Summing It Up

You can find various types of cereals that can be rated healthy with a careful search. It would be a good idea to go through a few online reviews of such products. You may also check out views of diet experts on healthy cereals before buying one.