How To Clean Your Baby’s Nose Using A Bulb Syringe

After the birth of a baby, the parents become overwhelmed with feelings of joy and fulfillment. However, they also become occupied with their efforts to keep the baby in the best condition and amidst comfort. Despite the best precautions, the baby can catch cold sometimes and his or her nose can get clogged. This can be caused by infections as well as seasonal changes. Clogged nose can prove to be quite uncomfortable to the child, as you can understand.

Options You Can Avail To Clear Nasal Congestion In Toddlers

While giving the toddler OTC medication is possible for clearing nasal passage, you can resort to better alternatives, as it is. Using a baby bulb syringe comes across as a better and safer option for the task. This will make it simpler to suck out the mucus and let the toddler breathe easily.

Clean Your Baby’s Nose Using A Bulb Syringe

When Using A Bulb Syringe Becomes Necessary

First of all, you need to see if using a device or medication is at all necessary to clear the nose of your baby! You have to check both the nostrils carefully. If the mucus inside is runny and not aplenty, it will run out easily without intervention. You may just use soft cotton cloth or balls to wipe the baby’s noses a few times to keep the nasal passage clear. For a small amount of mucus using child friendly nasal saline drop can also meet the need. However, when the mucus inside is thick and the amount is a lot, intervention will be necessary.

Using A Bulb Syringe To Clear Nostril of Your Baby

A lot of parents are usually given a rubber bulb syringe from hospitals. However, you can also buy similar syringes in the market easily. These products come with manufacturer’s usage instructions.

At first, you need to squeeze the air from the bulb of syringe and create a vacuum. Now, insert the rubber tip carefully into one nostril of the infant. Then release the bulb slowly to suck out mucus. Take out the syringe from the nose and then squeeze the mucus into a cloth.

Then, you need to wipe the syringe clean and repeat the same process for your baby’s other nostril.

Methods For Loosening Mucus

  • In cases where the mucus inside the nostrils is quite solid, you can apply a few drops of nasal saline into nostrils. This will loosen the mucus to an extent. Then you can use the suction syringes.
  • To loosen the solid mucus inside the baby’s nostrils, you can also take the baby to washroom after keeping a tub of hot, steaming water in. The warm vapor will help loosen the mucus and make the process of suctioning easier.

After inserting and taking out the syringe, the baby can sneeze a few times and throw out some more mucus. Wipe it away with a soft cloth.

A Few Cautions You Need To Exercise

While cleaning baby’s nose with bulb syringe is a good idea, you need to be really careful with it to stop aggravating the nasal congestion or irritating the nostril’s inner lining.

  • Frequency of Cleaning Up The Nostrils– In some cases, parents may find the nostrils of baby getting congested after cleanup. This is not abnormal, but you need not get into a mucus suction overdrive either! As a matter of fact, cleaning the nostrils of a baby with syringes can be done twice or thrice a day. Or else, the gentle lining inside the baby’s nose can get irritated, causing serious discomfort. The same frequency holds true for applying saline drops inside nostrils.
  • Taking Time For The Process- Some babies may not find the process comforting as such and they can resist it the first time. Do not force the syringe in their noses, but take time to try it later. The suctioning should not be done too fast either.

Cleaning The Syringe

Hygiene and safety should be your concern while using bulb syringes to clean mucus from the nostrils of the baby. After cleaning the mucus once, ensure you clean the syringe using warm soap water and tissue. Then rinse the syringe with clear and warm water a few times. Tip the syringe aside to dry completely before you can use it again.