How To Coach The New Exerciser

There is hardly any obese man or woman who does not want to shed excess flab and reduce the waistline. However, a majority of those who join a gym or fitness center with weight loss aspirations drop off midway and revert to the usual schedule of sedentary lifestyle and binge eating! This can be caused by many reasons. However, a lot of new candidates joining a gym feel lack of inspiration or motivation-owing to the dearth of suitable coaching strategy. Coaches or trainers who cater to several candidates a day- sometimes do not succeed in motivating a newbie and making him or her feel interested to pursue.

Coach The New Exerciser

To keep a newbie gym candidate interested and motivated a few tactics and methods can be deployed:

  • Understanding situation of a newbie candidate – Not all women and men join a gym with same reasons or mindset! Not all of them have joined the gym with an aspiration to have a well toned body alone. For some of them the reason can be a little more personal. There are people who want to make them look more attractive or want to play with their kids more easily. So, applying the same strategy with everyone may not yield results.
  • Understanding the suitable medium – Some people may be inclined to follow word of mouth directives while for some other new candidates, audio visual methods work better. Along with regular training, they can benefit from using workout DVDs and printed materials.
  • A healthy and transparent equation – Unless the equation between the gym trainer and a newbie candidate is healthy and transparent, the candidate will not feel motivated to proceed with training. It is important that trainers have an open ended discussion with new candidates before proceeding with training. It will also help them understand the deficits and strength areas of the person.
  • A balanced but positive attitude – A lot of persons, both men and women, drop out of gym classes because they do not find the feedback of their trainers encouraging or motivating. While newbie gym candidates may make mistakes in workout or fail to meet their targets, the trainer should adopt a realistic but positive attitude. It would be helpful to make the newbies realize where they are going wrong and how they can do better. Small tokens of encouragement and positive feedback’s can make a lot of difference.
  • Setting realistic goals – A trainer who has been in the fitness sector for a long time should understand for candidates who have joined the gym of late, targets should be set with an eye to reality. Factors like age, work schedule, health issues should be taken into consideration while setting targets for candidates. Those who have been used to sedentary lifestyle will develop sore muscles and backaches if they are made to workout rigorously too quickly.
  • Making the exercise fun and not an ordeal – A lot of candidates drop from gym classes because they find the workout regimen too tedious or because it seems like work. The trainers should adopt tactics so that the regimen appears more like fun and interactive experience for new candidates. Once they get habituated, they can be moved to more strenuous methods. Methods like obstacle courses and partner exercises work well.
  • Small encouragements matter – Losing excess weight and developing a toned body is time consuming and nobody can achieve it in a few days. Some people lack realistic ideas and they feel their workouts are yielding no result! However, small words of encouragement from trainer can offer them hope and infuse them with renewed vigour to carry on with the classes.