How To Cross Your Legs In Yoga

Do you find crossing your legs difficult while doing certain yoga poses? If yes, it certainly indicated lack of flexibility in your joints. Every one of us has unique body structures and our body bending levels varies greatly. Many times, you must have noticed that some people can bend their legs easily without any extra effort and some stick out like a sore thumb among the crowd because of their lack of ability to sit in a perfect pose. Lotus position or sitting cross legged is considered quite important for certain yoga poses, especially for meditation. If you are also facing the same trouble, let us understand the best way this complex task can be made a little simpler.

Steps To Sit Cross Legged

Majority of yoga classes begins with seated meditation. Many yoga practitioners prefer to sit in an Indian style with knees bent under them and feet tucked under the thighs, but some advanced practitioners go for the lotus pose or Padmasana. In this pose, the practitioner is supposed to place his feet on the top of his thighs, which is slightly difficult.

 Cross Your Legs In Yoga

One is able to strike this pose after a lot of practice. There are certain stages that help in approaching the pose in the best manner. One can get acclimatized to this pose by practicing half lotus pose and then moving on the full lotus pose once comfortable with the earlier pose.

Step 1 – With back completely straight, sit on the floor. Bend your knees to the sides.

Step 2 – With bent knees, lift your right leg in the front. Next, the right arm needs to be bent around the calf just below the knee. The left arm can be hooked around the ankle.

To loosen up the right hip joint, rock back and forth a few times.

Step 3 – Place the right leg over the left while resting the right foot above the left thigh. With the sole of the foot facing upwards, the foot must lie in the crease between the leg and the torso. This is considered as the half lotus position.

Step 4 – To move towards the full lotus position, you need to pick and place your left foot above the right thigh. Pull your left foot using your hands towards the space between your leg and the torso. You will come in the full lotus position when both feet are placed above the opposite thighs.

Step 5 – With every yoga practice, alternate bottom and top legs in the lotus position. In case you are placing right leg above the left in one yoga practice, cross the left leg above the right in the next practice. Slowly and gradually, you will start feeling comfortable.

Sitting Cross Legged Essential For Meditation?

According to several yoga experts, sitting cross legged during meditation is considered as the uber-pose, but not everyone can do it.

A lot of practice is required for the same.

Also, while meditating, it is very important that a person feels totally relaxed and comfortable. If he or she is fidgeting while meditating, it will be difficult to focus.

Complete ease while sitting can motivate people to go for frequent meditation. Crossed leg and hero pose facilitates energy movement in the body.

By staying close to the Earth, a connection is felt that energizes the body and the soul. To enhance comfort while striking this pose, yoga blanket, cushion or yoga block can be used.


Though sitting crossed leg may be quite challenging, especially for the beginners, it offers a lot of advantages and help while meditating to the serious yoga practitioner.