How To Deal With Your Child’s Chipped Tooth

Has your child just come home with a chipped tooth? Do you know what measures to take if this happens? Find out how as a parent, you can efficiently and effectively deal with your kid’s chipped tooth.

Chipped Tooth: A Part of a Child’s Life

Children can drive you up the wall with their boundless energy that can get them into trouble. Most children jump, roll, bang into each other and do dangerous acts, which not only scare the daylights out of parents, and can also cause some inevitable injuries. One such injury, which most certainly goes down as a record in almost all child record books, is chipped tooth!

Chipped or fractured tooth can occur in toddlers who have had a bad fall, or among early school goers, during games or even while eating hard candy. Some children grind their teeth during sleep, and this can potentially lead to chipped tooth. The injury can be to a baby tooth or a permanent one and the nature of an injury can be a broken, cracked, fractured or even a tooth that completely comes off from the root.

Child Chipped Tooth

Dealing with Chipped Tooth

As a parent of a toddler, it is important to anticipate and know how to respond during injuries to children as a way to minimize the impact of injury and also expedite healing.

Now, let us sink our teeth into some valuable tips about how to handle chipped tooth in children.

Don’t Panic

If the injury has led to a chipped tooth, there is nothing to panic. Keeping a calm demeanour is the first step you can take before you approach your dentist. It may be reassuring to know that chipped tooth can be fixed easily, and if your child is young, he may not even feel self-conscious or remember it as an earth-shattering event in his life. As parents, we often pass on our fears and anxieties to our children, so keeping a calm disposition during an injury can actually send strong signals to the child to stay positive and help play down the severity of the injury.

Reduce Swelling

Ensure your child rinses the mouth with plain water. Always keep a cold compress in the area of injury to reduce swelling. This also will help ease the pain and make your child less cranky. Remember, the ice should be placed in a towel and at one go; the cold compress shouldn’t be kept for longer than 10 minutes.

Consult a Dentist Immediately

If there is a fragment of the tooth that has chipped, keep it safely and carry it along when you visit your dentist. Do not delay in making a visit to your dentist. Whether it is a baby tooth or permanent one that is injured, the dentist will have a plan about the best strategy to employ and a good way to prevent infection and pain.

Replant a Knocked Out Tooth

If it’s a permanent tooth that has faced an injury, it is better to replant a knocked out permanent tooth without delay. It is imperative to seek dental care immediately. According to orthodontists, there is a great chance of the tooth surviving if it is replanted within five minutes.

Some Precautions To Be Taken If A Permanent Tooth Has Got Knocked Off During

An Injury

  • Locate the knocked off tooth and pick it up holding the crown. The tooth must not be picked touching the root. Most often the tooth will be dirty and it can be rinsed in plain water. Soap should not be used to clean the tooth.
  • You can place the tooth in a clean container and it is important to keep the tooth moist. Saline solution, cold milk, water or any tooth preservation solution available can be used to preserve the tooth till you reach the dentist.
  • It is imperative to approach the dentist without delay. If you act fast, you can help to save your child’s tooth, save costs on expensive dental work that might occur due to the delay.


  1. Generally, if the crack is very small, no treatment is required. Treatment usually depends completely on the size and location of the break or crack. If it is a baby tooth that has chipped, your dentist may just smoothen the edges and polish it or he may just leave it alone.
  2. In case the tooth chipped is open from the front – The dentist will smoothen the edges and will probably insert a tooth colored filling. The dentist may also fill material inside a permanent tooth to prevent further damage.
  3. A crown may also be used to fix the broken tooth.

Chipped or broken tooth is a part and parcel of growing up! As parents, the intelligent thing to do is make your home child-friendly and also learn about first-aid as well as actions in the case of an injury.