How To Detox Your Body For Overall Fitness

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t want to stay fit and healthy. However, staying fit is no child’s play and not many people have the will to do what it takes to stay healthy. While some only superficially think about getting healthy but take no steps for it and continue with their unhealthy lifestyle, many do make some good plans but are not able to stick to it for a very long period of time. Setting no fitness goals at all, or setting some unrealistic and unbelievable goals, both are equally ineffective. When you set no fitness goal, you continue with your health vices and stay unhealthy forever. When you set unrealistic goals, you work for it for a while but are not able to maintain it for a long time. In both the cases you remain unhealthy.

One of the most important aspects of staying healthy is detoxification of your body. Your body contains many toxins that need to be drained out so that you can lead a healthier lifestyle. The way you need to be disciplined with your weight loss regime, you need discipline in your lifestyle to detoxify your body too. Here are some ways for you to remove toxins off your body.

Avoid taking artificial sweeteners

artificial sweeteners

A lot of people think that artificial sweeteners are a good option as they contain no sugar or calories. However, this is a big misconception. Artificial sweeteners are not always healthy. Studies have revealed that regular and frequent usage of artificial sweeteners in reality may cause weight gain. Many artificial sweeteners indeed cause our body to crave more for sugar. When this happens, you are quite likely to succumb to your urge for sweets and end up eating more than what you need. If you are already used to artificial sweeteners, then you need to cut down the usage and then gradually stop using it completely. But this will require some time as you will need to train your taste buds to get used to less sweet. Let’s say you are using 4 packets of artificial sweeteners in a cup of coffee, you can reduce it to 3 for a while. After some time, you can cut it down to 2 and eventually stop using it completely. Once you are used to less sweet, you can switch over to natural sweeteners like stevia. This will help you detoxify your body.

The age old technique – Drink lots of water

drink water

Very few people know that drinking a lot of water could have positive impact on health in many ways. Drinking water not only helps detoxify your body, it also helps digestion and gives vitality to the skin. If you are wondering how water helps detoxify the body, here is the answer. Detoxification of the body with water can be compared with the drainage mechanism of your kitchen sink. When water gushes through the pipe of the kitchen sink, it clears out any blockages and cleans the pipe as well. Similarly, when you drink a lot of water, it drains out any impurities and toxins in the body. Toxins are flushed out of your body through urine as well as perspiration. If you perspire a lot, remember that it is helping release the toxins. However, you must make sure that the amount of water lost through perspiration is compensated by drinking.

Work-out regularly


It is already established that perspiration helps release the body toxins. When you work-out, you perspire more and hence you release more toxins. However, this is not the only way physical exercise helps detoxify your body. Regular work-out also improves the blood circulation. It also helps in improving digestion and reducing stress. Good digestive system also means that the amount of toxins released is higher. It is a known fact that people who exercise regularly have lesser amount of toxins in the body as compared to people who do not work-out.

Drink a lot of green tea or herbal tea

Green Tea

Green tea is full of antioxidants and helps detoxify your body to a great extent. It also has almost negligible amount of caffeine. If you are addicted to coffee, think about the amount of your caffeine intake, which is also a type of toxin. It won’t be easy to make a switch to green tea, but if you really wish to get rid of body toxins, you should find the will to do so. Green tea or herbal tea also helps hydrate you and make you feel fuller. This means you will be less likely to do overeating.

Include organic food in your diet


Organic food helps detoxify your body. It will not be really easy to switch over to a 100 percent organic diet. However, you can gradually increase the amount of organic food by including it your regular diet. If you eat good quantity of fibrous organic food, you will remain detoxified.