How To Dilute Oregano Oil To Use on Skin

Oregano is a popular culinary herb known for its fragrance. The scientific name of this herb is Origanium vulgare. Oregano is a bushy, hardy perennial herb that is indigenous to Europe and member of the mint family. It is generally used for flavoring pizza and pasta. However, this herb is extremely versatile and is known to have many health and beauty benefits as well. Oregano can be transformed into an excellent herbal oil, which has wide ranging health benefits.

About Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is obtained from oregano flowers and leaves. The leaves and flowers are allowed to dry on the plant before being harvested. It is made sure the oil content of the plant is at the highest level at the time of harvesting. The oil-making procedure is concluded with distillation of the harvested flowers and leaves. The resultant oil is golden to dark yellow in color with a characteristic strong odor.


Skin Benefits of Oregano Oil

The oregano oil provides numerous health benefits. These health benefits can be categorized as benefits for hair, skin and health. This herbal oil is known for various medicinal benefits, as well. Being an effective antioxidant and loaded with vitamins, the oil acts as an effective blood purifier. All these features make this oil highly beneficial for the skin.

Oregano oil has the ability to treat various skin conditions, like cold sores, acne, fungal infections and rashes. Also, the oil can be used for direct application over acne lesions for faster healing. The anti-bacterial properties contained by this herbal oil make it effective in treating skin Candida as well as other pathogens that cause multitude skin infections.

There is anecdotal evidence to show oregano oil is effective in treating herpes infection of the skin. You might experience a tingling sensation post application to prevent the manifestation of herpes virus.

Additionally, oregano oil is known to provide amazing anti-aging benefits. It can give you a bright, glowing complexion. The anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties are effective in destroying free radicals that are known to cause cellular level damage and one of the main reasons for premature skin aging. Lastly, oregano oil is very effective in treatment of calluses.

Tips to Dilute Oregano Oil

The various medicinal and healing properties of oregano oil are the main reasons for its popularity. However, this herbal oil is strong and can irritate the skin if you apply it without diluting it. Hence, you should always use the oil in its diluted form.

It is not difficult to dilute oregano oil. It can be done using numerous methods. The procedure requires oregano oil, a triglyceride carrier oil, and a glass dropper bottle.

  1. Pour an ounce of oregano oil in a cobalt blue or dark brown glass dropper bottle. After this, add an ounce of triglyceride carrier oil (medium chain). Increase the quantity of the carrier oil to 3 ounces if you have sensitive skin.
  2. Triglyceride oils include oils like coconut oil and palm oil. As an alternative, you can also use medium chain triglyceride oils available in stores in liquid or capsule form. To use a capsule, make a hole in it with a sterilized pin. Squeeze out the oil in accurate quantity to dilute oregano oil.
  3. If it is difficult to get medium chain triglyceride oil, you can also go for virgin olive oil. However, don’t mix the two oils at once. Mix it on a one-to-one ratio, i.e. one drop at a time. For sensitive skin, increase this ration to three-to-one. Mix the two oils in swirling motion using one of your fingers.

Your diluted oregano oil is ready for use. Store it in a glass bottle. If you have used triglyceride carrier oil, store the diluted oregano oil in a dark cabinet with sustained low moderate temperature. The glass bottle should have a tight screw lid to prevent leakage. Apply the oil by dripping it on the affected area with a clean dropper. Make sure the dropper doesn’t touch your skin (to avoid infections).