How To Dissolve Nodules Naturally

Nodules are small cysts that usually form on the thyroid gland or vocal chords, in the breasts and in joints such as the groin or underarms. These nodules aren’t restricted to any particular layer of skin and can be found on the subcutaneous layer, the dermis and epidermis alike. While most nodules are indeed benign (non-cancerous), there are around 5 to 10% that unfortunately are cancerous. Research proves that by the age of 60, more than 50% of the population has at least one thyroid nodule. Cancerous nodules have to be surgically removed, but benign nodules on the other hand can absolutely be dissolved using entirely natural methods.

Commencing the process

Dissolving nodules through natural means requires a decrease in phlegm and unhealthy chemicals. Phlegm and the presence of unhealthy chemicals provide the perfect breeding ground for nodules which is why we need to rid ourselves of their presence. Luckily for us, we can do it the natural way.

1. Cutting out fatty and greasy foods

fatty foods

Both greasy and fatty foods directly contribute to the production of phlegm which settles into the skin and gives rise to nodules. Eliminating greasy and fatty foods from the diet, resumes and facilitates the smooth running of the digestive and lymphatic system. Once the digestive tract and lymphatic system can function again, the risk of developing more nodules drastically reduces.

2. Reducing or avoiding processed foods

Packaged Foods

Processed foods are another food group or should we say junk-food group that contribute to the production of phlegm in the body. Processed foods have a high rate of trans fats and processed vegetable oil, which the body finds very difficult to break down and eliminate from our system. Avoidance of processed foods targets the reduction of nodules in the body.

3. Vitamin C a day keeps nodules away

Vitamin C

Doctors advise an increased intake of Vitamin C to combat the presence of nodules. Citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges are storehouses of Vitamin C and loading up on these will do you a load of good. This citrusy platter can either be ingested in the juice form or by directly consuming the fruit whole. As long as you religiously help yourself to servings of citrus fruit, the nodules will be kept at bay.

4. Increase marine based omega and introduce flaxseed oil to your diet


It is believed that marine based omega and flaxseed oil stunt the growth of fatty lipomas. A recent 2013 study found that flaxseed oil and marine based omega cause dysfunction of the adipose cells or tissue. The adipose cells are responsible for the production of excess body fat storage on the system. For those of you, who would prefer a supplement, be sure to consult with your medical practitioner.

5. Drinking apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

As much as two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar taken twice daily may reduce the size of lipomas in the body. While indicative, this has not been proved yet. Should you feel like giving it a go then mix the two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in an 8oz glass of water and drink daily.

6. Consuming herbal tea

thyme tea

Drinking herbal teas is known to check the growth of nodules and reduce the size of lipomas. Easily available at any health food store or grocery shop, herbal teas may be consumed at a minimum of twice daily or more, based on your preference or tolerance.

Dissolving nodules naturally isn’t impossible and can easily be done with an eye on your diet and minor lifestyle changes. Try and exercise daily, even 20 minutes daily goes a long way towards increasing your fitness levels and keeping you healthy.