How To Do a Wall Sit Exercise and What are the Benefits?

There are so many different workouts to do that we sometimes get confused. There are many different exercises that are recommended by your instructor at the gym. But there are some of the exercises which are quite beneficial but less known. Therefore, even your instructor is not able to recommend them to you. One such exercise which could be highly beneficial in strengthening your lower back and glutes is wall sit exercise. Here is how you can do this exercise.

How to do Wall Sit

Step One: You need to get into the starting position to do this exercise. Find a wall or a flat hard vertical surface against which you can align. Now you need to stand with your back against the wall. Make sure that you standing straight with your feet, hips and head aligned.

Step 2: In this step you will need to slide down the wall with your upper body still straight (head and hips aligned.) Slide down just enough so that your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Although you are leaning against the wall, make sure that the wall is not supporting most of your weight. Most of your weight should be felt on your heels and knees.

Step 3: First two steps were to get you positioned for the exercise. From here on, you will actually start doing the exercise. You will now need to raise your arms up to the shoulder level. Your arms need to keep touching the wall. Do not bend the elbow while raising your arms. Hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute and even more depending upon your body stamina.

It may seem to be pretty simple exercise but in reality it is very difficult. It will not be easy for you to hold the position with your knees at the right angle and your hands rose up. You will immediately start feeling the pressure in your things, lower abdomen and arms.

Step 4: Once you have completed one set, do not take a break unless you are feeling completely exhausted. Instead, you can do some skipping or jumping jack before starting the next set. Complete at least 3 sets to get the best results out of this exercise.

Wall Sit Exercise

Make The Exercise Tougher

If you are someone who has been working out for a long time, this exercise will not really be very challenging. If you want to get better results, you can make this exercise tougher. The best way is to hold the dumbbells in your hands while performing this exercise. If you are new to workouts, you will need to start with the basics. For instance, if you are feeling too much pain in the thighs or abdomen while holding your knees at 90 degree angle, you can slide your body up a little bit and increase the knee angle. You will feel more relaxed. But do remember that more the pain more the toning of the body.

Benefits of Wall Sit Exercise

  • It strengthens your quadriceps: Wall sit exercise helps in strengthening the quadriceps which is located on the front side of your thighs. There are four quadriceps muscles and each one of them is used while performing this exercise. While you are bending your knees, all the four muscles are put to work. When you are sliding down, one of them is used. Healthy quadriceps helps you in day to day life.
  • It strengthens your hamstrings: Hamstrings are located on the back side of the thighs. There are three hamstring muscles. Again, all the three muscles are put to work when you are bending your knees. While you are doing wall sit, your hamstring muscles are getting strengthened. Healthy hamstring is important for day to day activities such as walking and sprinting.
  • It can strengthen your adductors too: Wall sit exercise also helps strengthen your adductors. Adductors are set of muscles which are located in the inner thigh region. But for it, you will need to perform a variation of this exercise. This variation will make the exercise even tougher. While doing wall sit, hold a basketball with your knees and press it hard. Pressing the ball will put the adductors to work.

Wall sit exercise is a great way to build your hip muscles, thigh muscles and also strengthen your adductors. If you are trying out different techniques while performing this exercise, you can also engage your shoulder and abdomen. But make sure that you are doing this exercise carefully. If you do it improperly you may end up with injuries to thigh, abdomen and even shoulders. Performing this exercise properly will yield you great results.

At the end of it all though, don’t forget the thumb rule of exercising: pick an exercise that you can continue with for the rest of your life in some way, shape or form.