How To Do Butterfly Exercise During Pregnancy

There can be nothing more miraculous in this world than the feeling of creating a human being within one’s own body. Pregnancy is a boon granted by the Almighty to only the feminine gender. There was a time when pregnancy was regarded as a phase meant only to relax and get pampered by people around you. However, it has been proved by medical practitioners that leading an active lifestyle is extremely healthy for the mother and the baby in the womb.

Being pregnant certainly symbolises loads of happiness for the mother-to- be and of course, the family. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that pregnancy brings along with it several physical issues such as morning sickness, continuous fatigue, deviations of mood that can be cumbersome for near and dear ones to handle, and cramps and pains in different parts of the body.

Butterfly Exercise During Pregnancy

Advantages of Yoga

Well, nowadays yoga could prove to be a solution for most of your pregnancy hassles. Yoga when practised regularly can not only have the potential to cure certain forms of illness, but can offer you an amazing feeling of well-being; a feeling which is absolutely crucial in the phase of pregnancy. You may be pleasantly surprised as to the soothing effect that yoga can offer to your mind and body.

Firstly, without really taxing your muscles or causing physical fatigue, yoga helps in increasing your blood circulation to an apt level; thereby giving a boost to the happy hormones in your system.

Towards the latter half of pregnancy, yoga can assist you in mobilising the strength that your body requires for that colossal task referred to as “delivery”. In fact, even post delivery yoga can prove worthy towards getting you back into shape faster.

Butterfly Exercise in Pregnancy

Butterfly exercise is one form of yoga that can be practised during all three trimesters of pregnancy. However, it would be advisable for all pregnant women to consult their respective doctors before commencing with any form of exercise. Authentically referred to as the Titli Asana or Patangasana, the Butterfly exercise is actually a variant of the warming up regime. The best part is that one need not follow any set format or timing for practising this exercise. It can be done just before sleeping or the moment you wake up in the morning. In fact, the exercise can be clubbed with any form of recreation such as watching television as well.

Steps of the Butterfly Exercise

This form of yoga can be practised during pregnancy in the following format.

  1. The beginning posture of butterfly exercise requires one to be sitting on the floor straight. In this position, the back should be upright and the legs straight in front of you.
  2. Now try to bring your feet in the direction of the pelvic bone by bending the knees. After joining the soles of the feet, move them as close to the groin as possible.
  3. Next, you need to hold your feet together in a way that your knees are seen pointing in the opposite directions. Thereafter very gradually, without stressing yourself, press your knees towards the floor as much as possible. Remember, not to be disheartened in case you are not able to achieve this posture to the mark. What is important is to be careful and slow during the movement.
  4. Now release your knees from this position, move them upwards and then repeat the procedure again.
  5. Conduct these movements repeatedly without exertion. Stop the Butterfly Exercise at the very onset of any form of discomfort experienced in any part of the body.

One of the fundamental advantages of this exercise during pregnancy is the facilitation of smooth labour. Owing to the stretching of the thighs, groins and hip muscles; this exercise provides immense strength to the muscles of the pelvic region. Moreover, it enhances the blood circulation and facilitates the absorption of fluids in the body. The Butterfly exercise could be an answer to a very common problem of constipation faced during these months as well.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase that sadly lasts only for nine months. Feeling happy and fit can only add to the pleasures of this phase. Do not miss out on the pampering offered so fondly by your spouse and loved ones, but do not let complacency set in. Relax and rest only as much as required. Unlimited comfort could lead to discomfort later on. Following the butterfly regime of exercising will surely assist you in looking beautiful inside out.