How To Do Compassion Meditation

Compassion and kindness are the two virtues that make a man a good human being. In today’s hectic life, it is difficult to keep such virtues intact when your personal and professional life demands a lot of discipline and selfishness on your part to succeed. However, occasionally if you try to attune yourself with these great qualities you will surely feel more satisfied and happy. Compassion meditation is one way through which you can connect with your inner side and stir up the more humanly feelings lying within.

What is Compassion Mediation?

Before starting the session with compassion mediation, it is important for you to understand its importance and the perspective behind practicing it. This type of mediation is particularly helpful to people who have stopped feeling compassionate towards others or who really do not feel sad or awful at the distress of others.

compassion meditation

For a beginner it might seem that compassion mediation is just drowning in the depression and anxieties of others. However, there are lots of long term as well as short-term rewards. One more thing you must get it clearly in your head is being compassionate is quite different from pitying someone. You do not need to feel sorry for others or even find out ways to help others. You can of course do it later on in case you want to but in compassion meditation, you will have to focus all concentration on feeling the painful experiences and sufferings of others. The only things you have to do is put yourself in his place and imagine all his sufferings.

At times, you might feel that a particular person is a jerk and you should not really feel sorry for him. But even if he is a jerk, he has his painful experiences and if you understand his pain it will help you to understand the jerkiness in him.

Compassion Mediation Session

To start with, you should meditate for 20 minutes. The mediation session is divided into four parts and each part is dedicated five minutes.

First Period
In the first five minutes, you need to think about the sufferings of the people who have been involved in tragic events. It is not important which person you select and also you might select group of people instead of one person. The choice is altogether yours. The main idea behind this is to work with the people who have been through terrible situations such as people suffering from terminal diseases, earthquake or flood victims or people who have lost their kids due to various reasons. So in the first five minutes you will empathize with people with whom you are not closely connected but still are acquainted with them.

Second Period
During the second period you need to empathize with the closely related people such as your friends and family members who may not have suffered as much severely but still do have their share of sorrow and grief. Closeness to them makes you more reactive to their sufferings and hence you can easily empathize with them.

Third Period
The third five-minute session is just an extended experience of the first two periods. The only difference is that this time along you have to empathize with the people whom you do not know much, but are aware that they have suffered a lot. So this is a sort of neutral session.

Fourth Period
During this session, you need to empathize with people who are difficult to deal with. Although such people give difficult times to others, they too have to undergo sufferings. No matter how difficult they are, you have to understand them and empathize with them to understand their behaviour better.

Always keep in mind that the session is all about focusing on the pain and sufferings of a person and not on the daily details of routine life. The idea is to concentrate more upon the emotions that are generated due to such sufferings and understanding the person’s position while undergoing such problems.

If you feel like crying during your meditation session do not control yourself. This is a sign that you are relating to the emotions of others and feeling how they must have felt under that particular situation. A compassion meditation session is aimed at making you a more compassionate and humane towards the feeling of others.