How To Do Donkey Kick Exercises

An old adage goes like this, “health is wealth.” In this fast paced life, we have little time to take care of our health and fitness. However, only if we could understand how important it is to stay healthy, we will be more concerned about it. We are not able to focus on health and fitness because we do not have enough time. But we perhaps don’t understand that staying fit will make us more efficient and perhaps save more time to do more meaningful things in life. If you are not able to enroll into a gym, you can always involve in exercises at home. There are so many different types of exercises that can be done without taking any professional’s help. One of the exercises that can make your hips stronger is donkey kick exercise.

donkey kick

What is a Donkey Kick Exercise?

When you may have first heard about the name of this exercise, you may have thought it to be funny. Truly the name sounds a little funny but it is indeed a type of exercise. As the name suggests, the exercise resembles a donkey kick. When you will look at someone doing this exercise, you will perhaps burst into laughter. But when you will realize that it is quite a useful exercise, you will want to do it yourself.

What Muscles Does This Exercise Build?

When you do this exercise daily, you will be able to make your hamstring and glutes muscles stronger. Here is a description of these muscles:

Glutes: This muscle happens to be the biggest and the strongest muscle of the body. When you work long hours sitting in the chair these muscles remain unused and hence they start getting weak. Due to this your entire lower body may become weaker. Weak glutes can also result in weak pelvis which may further cause your body to tilt forward. Due to this there is more pressure on your lower spines. The pressure on the lower spines further pushes the abdomen in the forward direction. This may give the indication that you have a belly even when your entire body is fatless. The donkey kick exercise can help rebuild your glutes and thus making your lower body stronger.

Hamstring: Building your hamstring is also extremely important. Apart from glutes, hamstring also helps give strength to your lower body. If the hamstrings are unused for a long time, you may feel weak in the lower body. There are several hamstring exercises that are carried out at the gyms. However, if you are not able to go the gym regularly, you can work-out your hamstring yourself with some easy to do exercises. Donkey kick exercise is one of them.

What Equipment Do You Need For Donkey Kick Exercise?

The best thing about donkey kick exercise is that you do not need any equipment whatsoever to do this exercise. At best you will need a mat on which you can put your palms and knees. Even if you do not have a mat, you can do it directly on the floor. You will just need to make sure that the floor is clean.

How to do Donkey Kick Exercise?

It is a very simple exercise. By simple it means it is easy to follow the instructions but it may not necessarily be easy to do (depending upon your physical condition.) Here are the steps to do this exercise:

Step 1: Assume crawling position. If you are not able to imagine it, think about a toddler who has just learnt crawling. However, for the donkey exercise you will not need to lower your body completely. Instead, while assuming the crawling position, raise your abdomen a bit and raise your hips in such a way that they are a little higher than the rest of the body.

Step 2: While maintaining the same position lift your left leg with the intention to make it point towards the ceiling. You may not be able to lift your leg that far but lift it as much as you can. Hold the leg in the air for a while and then bring it down so that you are back to the crawling position.

Step 3: Once your left leg is in the normal position, it is time to lift your right leg. No other special instructions are needed for your right leg. Just lift it the way you lifted your right leg. Keep repeating this until you no longer can.

The word ‘kick’ in donkey kick does not really mean you need to kick. You need to lift your leg slowly and not with jerk. Also make sure that you do not overdo the exercise just because it seems simple. Instead increase the number in small increments. For instance, if you are comfortable doing 10 rounds initially, don’t push yourself into doing 20.