How To Do Medicine Ball Slam Workout

There is no alternative to exercise when it comes to staying in shape and leading a healthy life. No matter what diet you follow and what sort of supplements you take, without planned and regular workouts, you cannot expect to get a toned and fit physique. The question is what type of exercises you choose. Not everyone can hit nearby gyms regularly owing to professional and personal reasons. Some people prefer doing aerobics and there are others who resort to exercises in forms of swimming and running every day. However, doing exercises with medicine balls can do wonders for your fitness. Especially, practicing medicine ball slam can be beneficial for fitness seekers.

Why Resort to Medicine Ball Slam Exercises

Doing medicine ball slam exercise is extremely beneficial as this will help toning up nearly all muscles in your body. It works on all your body muscles and releases a significant amount of power from body downwards. This also makes the legs stronger. It is a high intensity exercise that also helps you burn more calories than many other exercises combined, think health and fitness experts. Initially, you may follow video tutorials or guidance from a fitness expert or perform the exercise properly.

Medicine Ball Slam Workout

The Way To Practice Medicine Ball Slam

You can practice this exercise at home. Hold a good quality medicine ball firmly with hands. Stand while keeping feet shoulder-width apart or a tad more. Press the ball overhead and then slam it down on the floor. While doing it, follow the ball with the body, but evade bending at waist. You should end it by getting into a low squat position while keeping head up. It should be like frog pose. Then scoop ball upwards and drive it over head. Extend the body and arms at the same time. This can be done for 10 times at a stretch or more based on your comfort level. Initially, you can do it slowly but with time the speed of the entire process should be increased.

Tips For Practicing Medicine Ball Slam Exercise

While practicing this exercise is good for toning up muscles you can resort to some variations for getting better results. For example, you can maintain a rhythm while practicing the pose.

  • You also need to get the right type of ball for practicing this pose. Ideally, you should try to get a medicine ball that can thwart the force of slam well. Initially, you can use a top quality soccer ball or basketball. Soft and non- bouncing medicine balls are mostly used for this.
  • After you have mastered the core technique of medicine ball slamming exercise it is time to add intensity. You may think of using a ball that is heavier after some time. At the same time, you may try to do it more quickly. For example, try to do many more slams in the same amount of time. Usually, people slam the ball with both hands. However, when you become an expert in the exercise, try slamming the ball with one hand and sidewise.
  • When you are practicing this exercise it is necessary to pay attention to contracting the abs. This will play a role in making your abdominal muscles really strong over time. Fitness experts are of the view that you should try medicine ball slamming exercise before doing abdominal exercises like leg raises and planks. As an alternative, you can try this before lifting weights. You may also do it on days when you skip weight lifting exercises. This will ensure your body gets optimum benefits and you will not get fatigued easily.