How To Do Oil Pulling And It’s Benefits

To get rid of impurities and bacteria in throat and mouth oil pulling is a perfect Ayurvedic method. It is free of chemicals as opposed to mouthwashes that are laden with chemicals.

  • Oil pulling is not expensive and a very simple method. You only require a teaspoon of olive oil, sunflower oil and good quality of coconut oil.
  • Prepare a mix and put oil in your mouth. You can add some drops of peppermint oil to give a minty fresh taste if you are afraid of the taste of the oil.
  • Start swirling the oil in the mouth. It should pass through all the gaps in and around the teeth so do it deliberately and slowly.
  • Appropriate time is 20 minutes for oil pulling but you should try to do for minimum 10 minutes as it is for the first time.
  • When oil is swished in your mouth it will imbibe all the bacteria and toxins. That is the reason you should never ingest the oil when you are done with the oil pulling. So you should spit all oil out. Oil pulling should be done at a minimum of two times daily. After the completion of the procedure brush your teeth
  • ┬áIt improves the color of tongue and gums to coral pink and gives you fresh breath.

oil pulling

Oil Pulling Benefits

1. Shiny Teeth

Plaque gets deposited and color of the teeth gets changed. Plaque accumulation can also start decaying the tooth structure. Begin oil pulling and deposits will be removed as plaque is fat soluble.Colour of the teeth will be changed and you will get shiny and white teeth.

2. Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Deposition of bacteria in mouth is a serious factor that causes bad breath or halitosis. Oil pulling will give you a fresh breath in few days. Oil pulling destroys almost all the bacteria and gives you benefits for a long period of time. It is an ancient, natural and

3. Cure Gingivitis

Oil pulling is also beneficial in curing bleeding and inflamed gums. It is an ancient, natural and efficient remedy.

4. Freed of Noxious Bacteria

Bacteria get entry through mouth in our body. Bacterial multiplication is best accomplished in warm and moist environment. Mouth and throat build up of bacteria can be freed through oil pulling..It is the best method to prevent many dental related problems.

5. Beauty And Complete Health

In our Ayurvedic proceedings bacteria and toxic depositions in our mouth creates a negative impact on our complete health. So you have to give chance to oil pulling to look smarter and feel good.

6. Detoxification Therapy

Your complete health is reformed when your body is detoxified. Oil pulling is a comprehensive treatment that reduces environmental toxins from your body which is also troubling resistant to immunity. Your body becomes prone to inflammations and has infections which lead to health related problems if your system is being overloaded with unhealthy diet, tensions and toxins.

7. Mucous Drainage

You will feel an increase in amount of mucous from your sinuses and throat once you start oil pulling. It feels to be unpleasant but it is a marvelous thing. Increased allergies will be suppressed and sinuses will get clear off with the help of oil pulling. So blow and cough it out.

You will feel a gag reflex during your first oil pulling procedure but you will feel far better once the oil starts disappearing in your mouth and you swirl the oil around the gaps. It is very cheap treatment which helps you in maintaining healthy gums and throat and mouth.

Oil pulling moisturizes gums when done with sesame oil. Due to increase in growth of bacteria mouth gets dried. It also gives relief from mouth dryness. Mainly coconut oil can be used as it has antiviral properties.

Its work is like a magic. It is cheap, simple.Only swish oil in the mouth in comparison to detoxification methods. It is harmless, only you have to do is to rinse the mouth using vegetable oil that is healthy. This therapy is also useful even if you are having any other health problems.