How To Do Pranic Healing Meditation

We live in a land of many mysteries, ancient wisdom and knowledge. Sometimes, the knowledge and understanding of our ancestors about the human bodies, its energies and the way it works surprises us and at the same time amuses us. The way our ancestors thought, the way they dealt with human disease and illness was way different than ours, but it was yet, equally efficient, beneficial and effective then as much as it is today.

The ancient form of health and exercise, Yoga has suddenly taken the world stage by surprise and garnered an unprecedented following today and yet we are all well aware how many years old this knowledge and wisdom is that has been passed down generation. Yoga and other forms of holistic healing all believe in the healing power of meditation. One of the most commonly acknowledged and used form of healing and meditation is the Pranic healing meditation.

Pranic Healing Meditation

Six Steps to Pranic Healing Meditation

There are six simple and easy steps to practicing and perfecting the Pranic healing meditation. However, it is important to mention and note here that it is not possible for one to master this on one’s own, you need to have a proper trainer or master for this.

What is Pranic Healing All About?

Pranic healing focuses on getting the universal life force, which is all around us and surrounds us and direct that energy for personal healing, relaxation, stress relief and to pump up the energy levels.

1. De-clutter and get rid of all negative thoughts: The first step to Pranic healing meditation is to focus on getting all kinds of negative emotions, feelings and thought under control and make sure you deal with your fears and any phobias that you have. The negative energy tends to reduce the amount of positivity around you and makes you feel all the more depressed and sad by blocking the universe’s positive Prana or energy.

2. Practice the Pranic Breathing: this is one of the most important aspect of Pranic healing meditation. It is important to understand here that proper breathing rhythm, pace and speed along with inhalation and exhalation focus is at the core of all Pranic healing. For mastering your Pranic breathing, you might need to find yourself a spiritual Pranic expert as well who could guide you in correct and right manner on how to master the technique. This pranic breathing follows a certain pattern for breathing and once you excel at it, half your healing meditation is taken care off.

3. Manipulate the Energy all Around You: You have got rid of all kinds of negative influences, mastered the skill of pranic breathing and now is the time to focus on cleansing your body and helping prana flow through out it without any obstruction and trouble. Focus and scan your head to feel the energy that is all around you, practice hand movements and body movements to remove any hurdles in the body that cause prana not to flow freely and focus your prana to parts where you feel is most required or your body needs it more.

4. Focus on keeping Your Body in Shape and Cleansed: Once you start meditation and focus your energy on pranic healing, as a part of pranic healing meditation you would need to focus on what you eat daily, your diet is as important as the meditation itself. It is important to understand the dietary aspect, the physical discipline that has to be maintained when you practice pranic healing meditation. There are certain exercises you are expected to do, certain health regimes have to be followed and specific diets might need to be followed as well for the most advantage from your pranic healing meditation. Focusing on these activities is as important as the actual meditation aspect itself.

5. Meditate and Focus: As you cleanse your mind and body and master the breathing, meditation begins to occupy more and more space in the Pranic healing. Meditate to focus your body’s energy, channelize it where required and keep your mind, heart and soul calm and at peace. Pranic meditation focuses on meditation through the head and heart both and bringing inner peace by removing all obstacles to the free flow of Prana in the body.

6. Energy generating Exercises: Last but not the least there are few very focused and specific exercise to generate and stimulate the prana within the body that need to be followed by any individual. Only a Pranic master can help you gain skill over these and hence it is important to find a good healing master for yourself to learn the exercise.

Pranic healing meditation requires skill, focus and expert guidance so that full benefits can be drawn. It is important to understand that rushing through the Pranic healing process would not benefit you or anyone who is trying to heal from within. Learn slowly but ensure perfection in whatever you are learning to draw full benefit.