How To Do Seated Row Exercise And What Are the Benefits?

Quite a lot of people are worried about being overweight. Actually almost everybody is worried about being overweight. A large number of them are worried that if they go all out on a weight loss regime, they may regain all the lost extra pounds after some time. The market is swarmed with pills that promise weight loss but there are hardly any that actually work. They may show promising results in the beginning but in the longer run they just fail. So what do you do now? Ask a doctor and he will say hit the gym. You do hit the gym only to quit it after some time. It is indeed difficult to continue with gym and workouts for many people. However, if you do want to be fit, working out seems to be the only option. One of the newest physical exercises gaining popularity these days is seated rowing.

Seated Row Exercise

What exactly is seated row exercise?

The name itself is quite suggestive of what seated rowing would be like. This exercise emulates real time rowing right inside your gym. This exercise aims at strengthening the muscles that are involved during rowing. The muscles that get strengthened while rowing are rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, the erector spinae, thigh muscles and quadriceps. The lower back muscles and abdominal muscles also get strengthened while doing the rowing exercise. With so many muscles getting strengthened with just one exercise, we can deduce that seated rowing is quite an exhaustive exercise in itself. There are special machines which can be installed in a gym or inside your home for this purpose.

Who can do seated row exercise?

This exercise is not recommended for people who have just started working out. You should have a fairly good amount of experience and muscle strength to get involved in this exercise. If you have been working out for a long time, you will find the seated row exercise quite fascinating. Especially if you are someone who loves working out with weights, you will be overwhelmed by the seated rowing experience.

How to do seated row exercise?

Simply imagine how rowing is done and you will be able to figure out the rest all by yourself. The seat rowing exercise equipment has a special platform on which you need to sit. After that you will either grab the bar or hold the triangle handle (whichever is there.) You will need to keep your back straight. Therefore, you will need to bend your knees a bit so that you can reach out to the handle without bending your back. Rowing is the next step. You will need to pull the handle in such a way that your torso doesn’t move at all. The handle is pulled back towards the abdomen. Remember that the back needs to stay straight all the time. While rowing only your shoulder blades should move. The last step is to let the handle go back with ease just the way you do it while rowing. The same process is repeated over and over again depending upon your stamina and your goals.

Are there any precautions?

As already mentioned, your back must remain straight all the time. This is to make sure that you do not sustain any injuries. While the handle is going back, do not let it go all on its own. Full muscular stress must be applied. If you have back problems or any shoulder injuries refrain from doing this exercise. Also, you should always make sure that you have warmed up well before doing seated row exercise. A few minutes of cardio or skipping exercise could be the best warm-up before starting seated rowing.

What are the benefits of seated row exercise?

It is an advanced level of exercise and helps a great deal in making your back muscles stronger. Since this exercise involves many joints of the body it is a great workout for many types of body muscles. Another advantage is that if you are doing it properly without moving or bending your back, your back gets the proper exercise without any stress. But it is not only your back which is getting strengthened with this exercise. Your shoulder, your upper arms and your lower chest also gets exercised with seated rowing. Since it works on your body overall, it is a great way to burn your fats and calories. However, there is a word of caution. If you are not well aware of how to do this exercise, always do it under the proper guidance.

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