How To Do Water Aerobics

People do a lot of things to stay fit and healthy. Water aerobics is one of the great ways to make you fitter by keeping you in good shape. It is particularly helpful to people who are not able to do aerobics comfortably on land. It is also of great help to people who are suffering from arthritis. If you are planning to enroll into one of the water aerobics classes, you will be happy to know that you will have the choice to perform aerobics in both deep water as well as shallow water. If you are doing deep water aerobic, you will be asked to put on the aqua belt to ensure that you do not drown and stay afloat. Water aerobics is quite easier for people who know how to swim. However, even if you do not know how to swim there is nothing to be disappointed about. Knowing how to swim, however, is not a prerequisite. You can still have lots of fun while getting fitter. Here is how you can do water aerobics.

water aerobics

Enroll into a Health Club With Pool

Quite apparently you are going to need a swimming pool to be able to do water aerobics. There are not too many gyms or health clubs that have swimming pools. Therefore, your search for such a health club will be very specific. The easiest way to look up for such a club is by searching over the internet. You can search with the keywords “water aerobics” and the search engine will list the top sites for you. It is advisable that you check the health club’s experience and history before joining it. The purpose of you joining the health club is to get fitter. You may want to know what people are saying about a particular health club. Therefore, knowing the customer feedback could be handy. You can also ask for references from your friends and family.

Keep The Chlorine Away From You

Chlorine can have some harmful effects on your skin. There is always some chlorine mixed in the water of the swimming pools. Therefore, it is very important for you to make sure that you are not exposed to chlorine when you are in water. The best way is to wear a bathing suit which is resistant to chlorine. Such suits are easily available at the sports shops. It is highly recommended that you wear this suit.

What Exactly Is Water Aerobic?

As the name clearly suggests, it is a kind of aerobic workout that you do inside water. The term aerobic means something that relates to use of oxygen. So it implies that you will get to do workout while doing aerobics. Just about anyone can do water aerobics; be it a pregnant woman or a senior citizen. As already mentioned, even people with arthritis or any other type of knee or joint problem can do water aerobics. The reason is simple. When you are doing water aerobics there is no stress put on the knees or joints and you still get lots of physical workout. There are several levels of water aerobics. You can get started with the starter level and then gradually you can move on the advanced or pro level. This means that you can have light to moderate to heavy workout depending upon your choice. You can indeed introduce different equipment and techniques to change the difficulty level. While you are doing water aerobics you are not only shaping up your body, you are also burning out the extra calories and fats.

Breathe The Right Way

Breathing in the right way is extremely important for any workout regime. It is all the more important when you are doing water aerobics. Breathing in the right way will help optimize the results you are looking for. So what is the right way to breathe? You can either breathe using your chest or using your belly. If you are breathing through your chest, it is not the most effective way. While breathing during workouts you need to ensure that there is enough amount of oxygen inhaled. It helps you give endurance which in turn helps you workout for a longer time with lesser efforts. For this, you should be able to breathe from your belly. To breathe from your belly, inhale as much air as you can, allowing your belly to move out. Once your belly is inflated to the max breathe out as much as you can. There should be enough belly movement.

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