How To Ease Teething Pain In Toddlers

Teething is an inevitable process in every child’s life. But, it is definitely not a pleasing and smooth experience for the mothers and the children. The teeth slowly tears in through the gums and the pain is definitely excruciating for the little ones. Along with that, their tummies become upset. They get high fever at times. They find it difficult to eat. In short, they become so irritated by the whole process that remain cranky. But the good news is that you can manage and ease the pain, and that too without medications. Yes!. All these remedies have been tested and proven to be effective. Check out the write-up to know more.

Natural Ways To Ease Teething Pain In Toddlers

1. Give The Gums A Good Massage

Gum massage

It is the grandma’s way of soothing the troubling gums. A little counter-pressure on the sore gums with your clean finger soothes the pain and promotes circulation. You could dip your finger in a little warm water and then massage your little one’s gums as it offers better relief.

2. Cold Spoon Pack

Cold Spoon Pack

A cold pack is one of the well-known remedies to ease any kind of pain. And, in this case, you could opt for chilling a spoon in your fridge. Just place the rounded edge of the cold spoon on the toddler’s gums. It eases the pain while ensuring that the teeth does not chip away while coming out. Alternatively, you can dip a neat wash cloth in cold water and use it on your toddler’s gums. It would be soft and safe also.

3. Breast Milk

Create Interruptions Intentionally

Breast milk does wonders in easing the pain experienced during teething. Use it to massage the sore gums. You could also squeeze the milk into a bowl and dip a clean washcloth in it to apply it topically on the sore, painful gums. You could also increase your feeding frequency.

4. Bananas


Cold bananas are a great way to soothe the pain caused due to teething. Plus, it also eases the upset tummy caused during teething. It also contains various proteins and calcium that would help in faster growth.

5. Offer Teething Biscuits

Teething biscuits are exclusively made to ease the pain and soothe the gums. They are slightly hard and unsweetened. These cracker-like goodies are great for the toddlers to gnaw on, helping the teeth to make way.

These hard, unsweetened, cracker-like biscuits are great for gnawing on when teeth are making their way through the gums.

6. Cold Foods


Anything cold, right from the fridge, could help in easing the soreness experienced by the gums. Applesauce is yet another great option you could try. Cold apple wedges could also be a good idea.

7. Carrots As Teethers


Carrots are natural teethers. They are hard, but soft enough for the toddler to keep munching on. Make sure that you clean the carrots well before you give it to your little angel.

8. Bagels

Bagel rings are wonderful teething solutions. They are so soft that toddlers will find it interesting to keep gnawing on them. Choose the gluten-free variants to prevent gluten sensitivity.

9. Sesame Seed Oil

sesame oil

According to grandmothers in India, sesame oil is a good pain relieving agent. Add a pinch of asafetida to warm sesame oil and massage it gently on the paining gums.

These were natural ways. But if you feel none of these are doing good, then check with the doctor before trying some over-the-counter pain medications. At the end of the day, it is comfort of the toddler that matters. Take care!