How To Eat Less While You Watch Television

There’s a reason why most nutritionists and dieticians suggest limiting your time spent in front of the TV. Spend a few hours in front of the television, and you’ll know why- you’re more likely to rush to the kitchen and hunt for a bag of chips or a pack of cookies to munch on while you enjoy your favourite shows.So how exactly do you do it while making sure you don’t eat too much and ruin your attempts to stay in shape? Keep reading to find out.

Drink More Water

This one may seem to be quite obvious, but it really works wonders in keeping you more controlled while eating foods while watching TV. Make sure you have a glass of water beside you, and take a few sips every now and then. Infact, drinking a glass of water before you watch TV could be a great idea to control the amount of food that you eat while watching TV.

eating infront of tv

Eat Slowly

Eating slowly and chewing your food thoroughly has many benefits. Because you eat slowly, your stomach gets enough time to know that it has had enough food, and you’ll feel full right in time when you need to. On the other hand, eating fast will guarantee that you’ll eat a lot more than you usually would.

Keep your Hands Busy

A lot of people tend to munch mindlessly on foods and snacks while they watch TV, even though they’re not hungry, and this is observed particularly during night-time eating. If you think this is you, try tricking your mind by keeping your hands busy while watching TV. Try activities like knitting, crocheting, painting or needlework to keep your fingers occupied in a ‘healthy’ way.

Get More Fiber

Fiber does a lot more than just keeping your digestive system healthy- it is believed that consuming foods rich in fiber can also help keep you feeling full. Choose foods that have more fiber to munch on while you watch TV- that way, you’ll feel satiated even though you eat less.

Use Smaller Plates

A full plate usually sends your brain a signal that you’re having a complete meal- and the size of the plate doesn’t matter when it comes to this rule. Get a set of smaller plates if you don’t already have them, and serve yourself in the smaller plate- that way, you’ll be eating a lot less than you usually do without even knowing it.

Get Smaller Servings

A lot of times, you may consume food more than what you’d usually eat, and that’s just enough to ruin your weight loss goals. The trick is to serve yourself 20% less than usual, and eat slowly. That way, you’ll realise that you were actually meant to consume just that amount-no more.

Don’t Eat From the Pack

Grabbing a pack of chips and munching on it while enjoying your favourite football match may seem ideal, but it’ll do nothing more than getting you a huge amount of fats and sodium in your body. Instead, stick to small plate or bowl of chips- not the entire pack. Keep the pack stashed in for some other day, and commit yourself to eating no more after you’re done with one serving.

Chew Slowly

There are many benefits of eating your food slowly-firstly, you’re more likely to actually enjoy eating your food, and will get the full taste and satisfaction out of your meal if you do so. Next, your digestive system will need to make less efforts to digest the food properly, because its your mouth that has done most of the job. Thirdly, when you eat slowly and chew more, you’ll notice that you feel less likely to go for a second helping.

Keep Calm

Remember the time when your boss blamed you for the incomplete work and you finished an entire bag of cheesy nachos? Stress is thought to be linked to overeating, so if you feel the urge to grab your favourite comfort food and watch your favourite TV shows, try other ways to relax and stay calm- have a nice, long shower or play with your pet, or simply read a book while sipping on a cup of coffee.