How To Eat Peanut Butter To Gain Weight

There are very few who are blessed with an ideal body weight. Most are struggling to shed those excessive layers of fat by starving themselves or spending hours on the treadmill. In contrast to this, there are others who are relentlessly making endeavours to add a few pounds. While being obese is definitely unhealthy, having a stick figure is not desirable either.

The Healthiest Way to Add Pounds

The market is flooded with supplements and protein powders that vouch to increase body weight. In recent times, bodybuilding has become a massive rage amongst the youth. Thanks to the celebrities showcasing their biceps on the silver screen, most adolescents want to emulate their favourite actor. However, the medical fraternity advocates against the usage of such weight methodologies. Instead, it would be a healthier medium to incorporate food items high in calories in your daily diet.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is the Best Choice

Amongst the array of bodybuilding foods, peanut butter stands at the pinnacle. Extremely high in calorie content, this food item also comes with the asset of rich nutrients. It contains unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids in abundance. This amalgamation of rich nutrient makes it very healthy for consumption. One tablespoon of peanut butter is known to contain 90 calories. With such high energy in such small quantity, there can be no better choice for weight gain.

Gain Weight in an Ideal Manner

Peanut butter is conveniently available in food outlets. While procuring this product, ensure that you pick the natural form of peanut butter. This category is prepared with peanuts and salt. Other variants could make you ingest additional sugars that are indeed unhealthy.

Incorporating peanut butter correctly in your daily diet could be challenging. Here are certain ways in which you could eat energy laden food productively and get the desired results.

  • Peanut butter is used in several households as a spread. When attempting to gain weight, go beyond the realm of set conventions. Top up your peanut butter sandwich with energy rich foods like banana, apple and wheat germ.
  • Find additional ways of eating this energy dense food during your breakfast. Make novel recipes by adding to yogurt and oatmeal. Try a layer on your pancake as well. It will surely be delicious and worthy.
  • Incorporate peanut butter in your baking regime. Be it cupcakes, muffins, cookies or bread- work the magic of peanut butter through all these recipes.
  • Step out from the mould of your favourite traditional menu. Explore dishes from other parts of the world such as Asia and Africa using peanut butter as a key ingredient. Noodles or chicken in peanut sauce is a good option.
  • Decipher ways to eat healthy snacks with peanut butter, at least six times in 24 hours. Segregating your daily diet into six healthy meals is the best way to enhance body weight. However, do not cross the threshold by over-consumption. Anything beyond six servings of peanut butter in a single day can result in entry of unwarranted fats.
  • If you find it tedious to eat so much peanut butter, experiment with smoothies. Prepare energy rich drinks with your loved nutritious fruits or vegetables and yogurt. Whatever may be the concoction, add peanut butter to provide the finishing touch.
  • Make it a habit to consume peanut butter before and after a strenuous workout regimen. While prior consumption will provide energy through its carbohydrates, eating it post exercise will build muscles. Inculcating this habit will certainly elevate your body weight in no time.

Word of Caution

Before you commence enhancing your body weight by means of peanut butter, ensure the correct reasons of being underweight. It is cardinal to rule out the correlation between low body weight and disease. Once this has been sorted, go ahead and enrich your diet with dollops of peanut butter!