How To Encourage Kids To Make Smart Food Choices

For a majority of parents, making their kids eat healthy food remains a struggle and few of them ever fare well in this regard! With the fast food makers engulfing TV channels, the web and print publications- the lure is too much for the young minds. They get addicted to fried and fat laden foods and fizzy drinks from the tender years and largely neglect the healthy, homemade foods. This paves way for various childhood ailments in long run. However, it is not really impossible to instill healthy eating habits in your children.

Ways To Motivate Kids To Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Kids To Eat More Vegetables

Resort to the below listed measures to ensure your toddlers eat healthy and learn the importance of nutritious foods.

1. Setting a Positive Example

Children observe and imitate their parents in many aspects when they grow up. So, it is not just enough to tell them repeatedly to eat healthy, you have to pick healthy dishes too. While munching on a pizza or burger on weekend evenings you should not ask them to eat homemade sandwiches and soups!

2. Use Apt Examples

Children relate well to cartoons and superhero characters. You can very well use these to explain the benefits of healthy eating. You can cite examples such as Popeye the sailor while giving them vegetables like spinach. You may also use animals as examples while explaining benefits of eating healthy.

3. Be Innovative In Cooking

Try to introduce variety in dishes cooked at home-especially those made with vegetables. Use herbs, lemon, pepper to make foods taste better and enhance flavour. Use seasonal vegetables to make such dishes more enticing to the toddlers. When making salads, cut vegetables into funny shapes to induce the interest of toddlers. Mix chicken and seafish in salads sometimes to enhance taste. Kids get affected by the way foods are offered to them, as it has been observed.

4. Involve Kids In Cooking

Kids may be encouraged to eat foods that you have cooked with them. Give them tasks like washing vegetables or let them assist in cooking tasks that are simple and involve no risk. Ask them to spread jam on breads or make salads, for example. Kids will be more interested to gobble up foods if they are involved in preparation.

5. Cook In The Right Way

Healthy food can be prepared in a number of ways. For example, your kids may not like the taste of broccoli when you steam it, but they may savour it up when you stir fry it or sprinkle olive oil and a few herbs on top of the vegetable! Sometimes, giving them new and alternate vegetables in meals also works. If your kid is averse to eating carrots find an alternative he is less finicky about.

6. Try Making Their Favourite Foods At Home

If your kids are forever craving for those fat laden burgers and pasta available at fast food stores, try making those dishes at home with less oil, sugar and condiments. You will be giving them food that is healthier than what they will get outside. You can prepare various healthier variations of such fast foods at home. It is possible to find low calorie versions of pizza, burger and sandwiches at home. Explore the web for such yummy yet healthy dishes.

7. Offer Them Occasional Treats

Everyone wants to indulge in foods they love and kids are no exception. Sometimes, you can take them out for pleasing their taste buds, but make sure it does not become a regular habit. Even when you eat outside, try to choose healthier and low calorie foods over fat laden ones.