How To Exercise In Cold Weather

Come winter and we all have the tendency to put off our exercise regimen, despite knowing that exercising in the cold weather is definitely a gift to your body. Studies conducted on this particular topic suggest that exercising during winters eases your frustration, stress, depression, and tension, and that too in a more intensified fashion than other days. Cold weather invigorates your senses, making you feel livelier. The reason – the higher levels of endorphins released. Whether it is your jogging or gym or yoga, it is a good time to work out during winters. Here are a few handy tips that will boost your motivation levels to exercise in cold weather:

1. Set Smart Goals

Your goals should be a mix and match of a big goals and a handful of small goals. You can decide on your goals, anything from shedding 5 kg to running a 10K or even doing a 108 Surya Namskars. Just ensure that you are coming up a goal that you will really stick on to, yet allows you stretch beyond the comfort level. Break your large goal into smaller ones, designing action steps that will keep you motivated. This style of setting goals will really thwart off your laziness levels.

winter exercising

2. Take It Small

If you do 90 minutes of yoga during summer, start with 45 minutes in winter. If you walk 4 km during summer, start with 2 km in this weather. You have to understand your body and the way it reacts to the weather.

3. Plan It Well Ahead

Rome was not made in a day. Akin to that, you need to lay out a map that outlines your winter fitness regimens. If you are walking, then make sure you are doing it at a time without coming under the clutches of the cold weather. Find a yoga studio or gym that is closer to your home so that you will not have to put up a fight with the cold weather.

4. Warm Up

Never skip up your warming routine. A few deep breaths and a few stretches – that would do the job. Jog indoors for 3 to 4 minutes before you kick off your weight lifting schedule.

5. Cover Up Wisely

Covering up yourself during winter is essential, but in a very wise way. Do not over-cover yourself with loads of heavy sweaters and shawls while working out as those would prove to be major distractions. If you are doing yoga, try to wear a thermals beneath your yoga top to keep up the warmth level.

6. Cool Down, But Do Not Freeze

Cut down the length of your cooling down sessions. If you have layered during your walk or job, then take them out for a very brief time, may be 5 minutes, before you shower. Stretch yourself only after you are indoors.

7. Keeping Hydrated Is A Must

While you will not able to see sweat beads trickling down the forehead during winter, you will have a tendency to cut down your water intake. But remember, you do sweat in winters too and you need t drink water to prevent dehydration. Use a thermos to fill your water and carry it around with you as you exercise in cold weather.

8. Listen To Your Body

You need to be flexible enough to work out during cold days. It is advisable to skip early morning schedules and wait until mid noon for the temperature is a little high. You can even skip exercising, provided the weather is really bad and filled with ice and snow.

9. Try Something New

Indoors or outdoors, you can try a new activity to keep away the winter boredom.

10. Reward Yourself

Every time you achieve a goal, reward yourself. This will keep up your motivation levels.

Come on, it’s so cold! How will I workout? This is a question you can now tackle quite easily. Follow these tips outlined above and start enjoying your exercise in cold weather!