How To Exercise on Stepper Machine and What Are its Benefits?

People are concerned about their health and wellbeing. This is the reason why different types of fitness equipments were invented so that natural physical activities could be emulated inside the gym or home. For instance, rowing a boat could help strengthen your back. This is the reason why seated rowing machine was invented so that the effect can be simulated in the gym. Walking up and down the stairs could also help your fitness goals a great deal. This is the reason why stepper machine was invented so that you can get the feel of climbing stairs inside the gym. Here is how the stepper machine works and its benefits.

Some of The Basics of Stepper Machine Workout

Most of the people who buy stepper to install at home do not get the fully computerized machine. The computerized machine is more expensive and hence people settle for something more affordable. The difference between a computerized and non-computerized machine is that the former offers several resistance levels that you can adjust according to your needs and fitness goals. If, however, you do have a computerized machine allowing resistance level adjustment, it is highly recommended that you start with lower resistance. This is because in the beginning your body is not used to heavy workout. This may cause cramps and muscle pull. Once you are comfortable with the resistance level you can then gradually increase it in time. Normally, you will workout at the same resistance level for a few weeks.

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How to Exercise On Stepper Machine?

You start this exercise by putting both the feet on the steps. Make sure that your foot is placed in the middle to avoid accidental slipping which may cause injury. If you have a home stepper machine it may have resistance cords or handles. But there are many home machines which have neither. If there is no handle or cord, raise your arms up to your torso, the way you will do it while jogging. While exercising you can move your hands back and forward as if you were walking or jogging. If your stepper does have a handle you can grip it firmly while exercising but make sure that you do not lean on it.

Make sure that you keep your back straight while exercising on the stepper machine. Also make sure that you do not bend. You need this posture to ensure that your core muscles are exercised properly. It also ensures that you remain stable on the machine and avoid the risk of slipping or falling off while doing exercise at fast pace.

You begin your exercise by pushing one foot against the pedal of the stepper machine. While you will do that, the other foot will rise up. Then you push the pedal under the other foot. You will keep repeating this as long as you want to or need to exercise. It will give you the feeling as if you are climbing the stairs.

You need to go slow as a beginner. Also, as a beginner, do not exercise for more than 10-12 minutes at a stretch even at the low resistance level. Once you have built up the stamina, you can increase the duration as well as the resistance level. You can exercise for around 20 minutes at a stretch.

Some Precautions

There are a few safety tips that you need to be wary of. Your stepper machine should be placed on a flat surface. Do not put it over a mat or a carpet. While you are exercising do not forget to wear the sneakers. It is not advisable to do this exercise barefoot. Increasing the pace of exercise is important on the stepper machine. But before you gain speed, you will need to learn to balance yourself well. If you will exercise at high speed without the ability to balance yourself, you will end up sustaining injuries.

Benefits of Stepper Machine

It is a cardiovascular exercise. Working out on the stepper machine helps you increase your aerobic capabilities. This means that you will not be running out of breath doing daily physical tasks. Stepper machine exercise also helps in weight loss. An overweight person working out regularly on a stepper machine can reduce the weight significantly. An hour of stepping exercise can help burn more than 700 calories. While on the stepper machine, your hip muscles get exercised. This in turn tones your legs and hips better. If you are properly using the machine, your abdomen also gets fair amount of exercise.

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