How To Fill Empty Capsules

Nowadays, everyone you see around is running after herbal supplements and capsules! Taking those products can actually help detoxify the body and boost health in the long run. However, for a lot of people, taking the herbs in the supplement or capsule forms remains a challenge for the steep costs. This does not mean you cannot intake the beneficial herbs just because you do not have a deep wallet! You can make your own herbal capsules at home. This really is not as tedious as it sounds. With the proper accessories and a little patience, it is possible to make your own herbal capsules at home.

Empty Capsule

Why Fill Your Capsules Personally

It is not only about saving money for which you should make capsules at home. You will be entitled to several other benefits too. You need not visit the chemist shop or place orders online for that matter. You can make herb filled capsules anytime and there is no need to wait for orders to arrive!

First of all, you can make capsules filled with herbs quickly. For example, you may be able to make such herbal capsules for a month’s intake in a few minutes.

You can also choose which herbs should be used for making capsules. When you buy herbal capsules from chemist shops and other areas, you cannot have control over ingredients over the compounds used. However, when you make capsules at home with herb powder, you may choose exactly what you want. You may have specific nutritional requirements and that can be fulfilled when you make capsules with herbs.

You may change a bitter tasting herb with something that suits your taste better. If you are allergic to an herb, choose something that fits your need better.

What You Will Require

You will need a few things to start making capsules at home. These are:

  • Empty capsules
  • A Capsule machine
  • Herbs that you need, in powdered form (you can dry grind them beforehand)
  • Paper plate
  • Newspaper
  • A pair of latex gloves. These help keep the process smooth and hygienic. Besides, they ensure your hands and clothes do not get stained.

How To Fill Capsules Yourself

There are basically two ways to fill capsules with herbs in powdered form. You can either use your hands and there are capsule filler machines. Using the machine makes it a smoother affair, as it is.

  • First of all, lay the newspaper on the floor or a table, based on where you want to make the capsules. It will also prevent spillage on the surface.
  • Now, the capsule machine should be placed on the paper.
  • Pick the number of empty capsules that need to be filled with herbs.
  • The machine’s press cover should be placed on paper with holes upward. Now, keep short half of the capsules into the holes.
  • Then, insert the long half of taken capsules in the holes in the base part of the machine.
  • Then start filling the long pill halves in the device’s base with powdered herbs. You may resort to using a playing card or any matte surface card to fill the capsule halves properly. It may take some time though.
  • After the long capsule halves are filled with herb powder to the brim, take the cover part and press it on base so that the capsules are formed. Press firmly and after that separate the cover from the machine’s base part.
  • Next, remove the filled capsules from the machine’s base part. They should be stored in a dry container and stored away from humidity and heat.