How To Find a High-Quality Saw Palmetto Oil

The use of saw palmetto and its berries has been around for quite some time. In fact, this was an important food source for early native population who lived in and around Florida. Saw Palmetto Oil is believed to support prostate health, normalize urinary tract functions and promote a healthy libido. However there is a great challenge while finding a high – quality saw palmetto oil. If it surprises you that an ordinary sounding food product can have such great health benefits, there’s definitely more that you need to know about nature. In order to know adequately on how to find high quality saw palmetto oil, you should be aware of certain things like how it is produced, what comprises it and the side effects of various methods used during its production.

Why Do You Need Saw Palmetto Oil?

The first thing you need to identify is why do you need a Saw Palmetto Oil? What would you like to use it for? Is it just because someone has told you that it is cool to use Palmetto oil or you want to treat some medical problem with it. As per various studies, using this oil certainly cures prostate problems. Also, you can treat cold, coughs, sore throat, asthma, chronic bronchitis and pelvic pains with its regular usage. However, if you want to use it just for fun, it would turn out to be costly and at times harmful for you, if taken without medical supervision.

Saw Palmetto Oil

How to Ensure Quality of Saw Palmetto Oil?

While saw palmetto oil can be promising for enhancing prostate vitality, there are few significant inconsistencies with the formulas available. The affectivity of different extracts varies a lot and hence, not all saw palmetto oil could be equally effective. Even if you are buying it from the same brand, you may experience variations. Here are few issues that may lead to possible inconsistencies of Saw Palmetto Oil:

Saw Palmetto Berries Which Are Harvested Out-of-Season: Many of bulk-produces rather use ‘green’ berries instead of ripe one and pick them before maturity which may lead to inconsistent and low-potency effectiveness.

Inappropriate Control of Berry Sourcing: If you are not sure of where the berries for your oil have come from or where they were harvested, it is almost impossible to ensure the quality of saw palmetto oil.

Improper Extraction Methods: When a saw palmetto producer does not use high – pressure extraction methods, the quality of oil could be compromised. Moreover, the processes used in extraction should not leave any possible residues behind.

Poor Quality Control and Extraction Processes: there could be no substitute for a high quality extraction and manufacturing process. What is evident that not all produces show good quality control and standard practices and hence, its quality can be compromised at times. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious and research well about the brand you are buying from.

What in Cases of Side Effects?

Saw Palmetto oil is safe for most of the people most of the times. Moreover, the side effects, if any, are not severe too. Few side effects that you can experience are diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, headache and dizziness. Few researches have also shown that it may lead to impotence, but that is a rarest of rare phenomenon. However, if you choose a saw palmetto with a sugar pill, you may well spare yourself from side – effects. On the other hand, saw palmetto oil is strictly prohibited during pregnancy, breast – feeding and people who have underdone recent surgery. Therefore, before choosing saw palmetto oil, keep these aspects in mind.

Checklist Before Using Saw Palmetto Oil

Before choosing saw palmetto oil, you need to understand that it should not be taken with certain drugs. Drugs like birth control pills, estrogens and medications that slow blood clotting should not be taken with saw palmetto since these are known to be adversely interacting with saw palmetto and thus may be harmful for your health.

Nevertheless, there are certain parameters which should be considered along with taking saw palmetto oil. If you do not practice a healthy lifestyle, you cannot improve your prostate problems and your overall health. In addition, you should take optimum amount of Vitamin D, eat healthy wholesome food, try to reduce your stress level, follow proper fitness regime and should schedule a periodic prostate evaluation. There are times, when you can’t ignore your health. Using high – quality saw palmetto oil would surely help you improve your prostate conditions, urinary tract and overall libido.