How To Gain Weight Through Proper Diet

Being lean, many a time, is healthy. However, if you are underweight then that could easily become the roots for various health conditions. Healthy eating combined with adequate exercising is the key to gaining weight the right way. If you are looking out for ways to gain weight with a proper diet, then you can end your search as we offer the most effective tips to help you.

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Gaining Weight The Healthy Way

  1. Eat, eat, and eat.

People who are underweight tend to feel full quicker. If you are aiming to gain weight, then you have to eat, and eat more frequently. Instead of eating three heavy meals, choose 6 small, calorie-dense meal to help you. Choose a meal option that comes with the right balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to help you in the process. Never stay hungry for more than 4 hours. People, when enwrapped in work, have a tendency to skip their meals. If you are just kicking off the process, then keep an alarm to alert you every four hours to indulge in nutrient dense snacks.

Healthy Diet

  1. Include fats in liberal amounts.

You need fats, the good ones, to gain weight. The wide spectrum of goodness they offer the mankind is well-known and it is time you start making use of the benefits. Use olive oil and coconut oil that are packed with various essential nutrients liberally on your salads and while cooking. They will improve your metabolism rate. Plus, the adequate use of fats also assures you that the nutrients are absorbed adequately.

  1. Include a wide spectrum of nutrient-dense foods.

Pizzas and white breads and pastries do help in weight gain, but not in a healthy way. Opt for breads, pizzas, and pastas prepared using whole grains. Choose cereals that are whole grain and comes free from sugar. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins should be used in generous amounts to meet the goal weight.

  1. Lookout for your drinks.

You can drink fluids, but never before your meals as they tend to fill your stomach and prevent you from getting the right nutrition. If you really want to drink something, opt out of sodas and other sugary and fizzy drinks. You should also take care to avoid filling up on coffee and tea. Try a calorie and nutrients laden smoothies or shakes rich with nut butter and fruits and yogurt or milk. You may even add ground flaxseed to bring in the richness of Omega 3 fatty acids. You can actually opt for a liquid meal that is complete with all requisite nutrients.

  1. Keep track of what you eat.

Every bite you take and every sip you drink counts. So while snacking ensure that you have your hands on peanut butter, dried fruits, nuts, or cheese. And, talking about drinks, a rich fruit juice sans water and sugar can easily become a good snack.

  1. Add topping generously.

You can use cheese on top of your pizza to enrich the flavor and richness. Scrambled eggs are yet another good topping option as it is a rich source of protein. You can even use milk in soups to thicken and enrich the delicacy.

Top 10 Foods For Weight Gain

Here are the 10 best foods you can try including in your diet to gain weight:

  1. Milk
  2. Eggs
  3. Granola bars
  4. Oats
  5. Banana
  6. Butter
  7. Peanut and almond butters
  8. Potatoes
  9. Whole grain noodles, pastas, pizzas, and breads
  10. Chicken

Along with a good diet, you also need a few other factors to meet your goal weight. Exercise is also important to gain weight. Along with cardiovascular exercises, include weight training and yoga to pep up your weight gain routine. Plus, ensure that you get adequate rest. Doctors advise you to get at least eight hours of a good night’s sleep for your body to accommodate the changes.

Eat healthy, exercise, and rest and you will surely reach your destination soon!