How To Get Cocaine Out of Your System

Every drug produces a negative effect on a person’s body. However, cocaine produces the most dramatic impact on the body. It is the most potent, unpredictable, addictive illicit recreational drug. The damage caused by this drug is irreversible and most profound.

Effects of Cocaine On The Body

Cocaine, also known as coke, snow, flake and candy, is highly addictive. It induces the brain to release soaring levels of a biochemical. This further leads to anxiety as well as feeling of extreme excitement or joy. This drug can also produce certain euphoric effects that can prove fatal.


It is not easy to remove cocaine from the body. The time taken to remove the drug completely from the system depends on various factors like age, intake frequency, sex and the metabolic rate of the body. Prolonged use of this drug can cause numerous health hazards, like high blood pressure and an increased pulse rate.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In The Body?

Cocaine is, generally, metabolized to different compounds. These compounds are usually inactive at the core. Most of the cocaine usually metabolizes within 2 to 4 hours. However, it can still be detected during drug tests after a week. Some specific testing techniques can detect cocaine traces in blood, even after three months of consumption.
To talk about cocaine traces in urine, akin to other drugs, cocaine metabolites might be excreted through urine even after several weeks of use. The concentration may be low during initial hours. However, cocaine can be traced in urine from about 2-4 days under normal testing and about 2 weeks under specific drug testing.

Besides blood and urine, you might also be checked for traces of cocaine in your saliva or sweat. Although it has been proved that cocaine traces in saliva have a half life of just 2 hours, there are evidences to show the drug is traced even after 19 hours of use. Usually, the maximum level of cocaine traces in sweat or saliva can range from 5 hours to 2-3 days.

Tips To Remove Cocaine From The Body

If you are going for a drug test and don’t want cocaine to be detected in the urine or blood, it becomes vital to remove traces of the drug from your system. This can be done through various methods like:

  • Drink water – Ample intake of water can help in the quick removal of cocaine from your system. You can also go for other liquids like vinegar and orange juice for detoxification and release of toxins through urine.
  • Diuretics – Yet another helpful technique to flush out cocaine from your body is to have diuretics. Additionally, you can also opt for detoxification kits available at stores. These kits help in the removal of even the smallest traces of cocaine in the system.
  • Ginseng and Amino Acid Supplements – While water provides effective detoxification, there are certain techniques that can quicken the process of cocaine removal from the system. You can try ginseng, kava or valerian root. Further, you can also take amino acid supplements or protein supplements, such as TrophAmine.
  • Stress relieving activities – Indulge in stress relieving activities like yoga and meditation. This would help to reduce the effects of drugs on the body. In a way, this would clean cocaine from your mind.
  • Avoid caffeine, sugar and fat – It is recommended to avoid foods and drinks loaded with caffeine. Replace such foods with healthy food sources like fresh vegetables, fruits and salads that contain less sugar and fat.
  • Exfoliation – It is equally important to remove traces of cocaine from the skin before you go for a drug test. This can be done effectively through proper exfoliation. The process involves removing dead skin cells with the help of a bristled brush for scrubbing the body or a loofah. This would not only eliminate dead skin cells, but also remove cocaine traces from the skin surface.
  • Mouthwashes and oral cleansers – It is important to remove cocaine traces from saliva to pass the saliva test for drug detection. For this purpose, you it is recommended to use an effective mouthwash or mouth cleanser.

Generally, cocaine stays in the system for about 2-4 days. However, this detection window might be longer for more casual and frequent users. These tips can surely help you remove traces of cocaine from the system quickly and effectively. However, you still need to enroll for a de-addiction program designed for cocaine addicts to be completely cocaine-free. This program will stop you from suffering a relapse.