How to Get Rid of a Family Doctor

Your Family Doctor

The family doctor is a crucial role, being responsible for the treatment of the people you care most about in this world; your family.

It is possible that you may have a family doctor who gives the wrong diagnosis or treatments on more than one occasion. Your family doctor may not have listened to you properly or may be over charging. Your family doctor may have committed worse acts by causing harm to you or your family through incompetence, misdiagnosis or faulty treatment methods.

For this and other cases you may have a genuine case for and need to get rid of your family doctor.
If you have a family doctor who is not providing the service you desire then there are a number of ways you can get rid of him or her, depending upon the severity of the case. The question you must ask before choosing which of the methods to choose below is whether or not you and your doctor just have a difference of opinion or if it is a case of serious malpractice.

How to Get Rid of a Family Doctor

  • File a Complaint to the State Medical Board – this is for cases of malpractice or a doctor causing harm to his or her patients. The case will be thoroughly looked into and the doctor interrogated and the procedure reviewed. Make sure your doctor really committed a form of malpractice, or you may end up in a costly and losing legal battle. You can consult with other doctors to see if they think you have a genuine case.
  • Contact a Medical Malpractice Lawyer – for more serious cases for example irreversible damage or something life threatening, then contact a Medical Malpractice Lawyer. They will examine your case and present options about what to do.
  • Create a Bad Write Up Online – If your doctor has done something that you think proves that other people should not use your doctor too, then you can write up on the internet through email, social networking sites, blogs and other online venues what your doctor has done. This could prevent him or her getting future patients and force the closure of the clinic.
  • Send a letter to the papers – Your local newspaper or magazine may agree to publish your story especially if it feels your doctor’s actions could affect its local readership.
  • Go to a new doctor – if it is a case of personality or disagreement then you do not have to use the same doctor but nor do you have to try to ruin his or her career either. Simply let it slide and go elsewhere.

When deciding remember that the course of action you choose should reflect the severity or potential severity of what you think the doctor is guilty of. Consult online or with other doctors or see if you can get a free consultation with a solicitor before deciding.