How To Get Rid of A Loose Vagina

Having a loose vagina is not what you want if you are still sexually active and would love having a good time in bed. The causes for loose vagina can be age and mood, but usually, when a women gets older, the muscles and tissue in the vagina are not as firm as they used to be, so the most common cause of a loose vagina is age. In some women it comes earlier than in others, but there are always a couple of things that you can try in order to get rid of it.

Some aspects to consider

The first thing you need to do is determine whether or not your vagina is loose. If your sexual partner tells you that it feels loose you should investigate further and check to see if your vagina closes completely when you are not aroused. If it doesn’t, it probably has become loose. If your vagina requires larger, wider object inserted for you to feel that it is stimulated, your vagina is probably loose. In any case, if you feel any sort of change in the characteristics of your vagina it is probably loose.

Another aspect that you need to forget about is the common knowledge that the vagina gets loose after childbirth or after regular sex. That is not true because the vagina has muscles and tissue that come to their original shape and size once intercourse is over or labor has ended. Those factors do not cause the vagina to become loose.

Treatment methods that you should try

The best and healthiest thing you can try to tighten your vagina is kegel exercises. These are exercises that train the vagina muscles and thus, tighten it back up again. These exercises have been extensively tested and most women have had success trying them, so give them a shot.

If the exercises seem to not provide with much tightening, you can try a very smart approach and use vaginal cones. These cones usually come in small sizes, about the same as a tampon, and in several different weights. Start with the lightest and insert it into the vagina. After that, tighten the muscles around it to hold it in place. You will have to do this for about 15 minutes, for two times a day and regularly increase the weight of the cones. You should have a tighter vagina in around a week or two and if it ever becomes loose again you can easily do the exercises again.