How To Get Rid of A Pot Belly

A pot belly is when you have a lot of fat carried on your lower abdomen or belly. This is a really common problem that tends to run in families because your genetic makeup is what tells your body where fat is stored and how much fat is stored. For example, some families will naturally look thin due to high metabolism or internally stored fat while others may find that “thunder thighs” or large amounts of thigh fat are prevalent.

You should be careful if you have a family history of pot belly as not all fat is stored on the outside. Sometimes, a pot belly can be caused by fat encasing internal organs which can create pressure on them. This pressure on the internal organs will cause them to wear out faster leading to many kinds of illness.

Getting rid of pot belly is mostly a balancing act of diet and exercise. However, choosing the right ones will help.

Aerobic exercise is a well-known fat burner. Walk, dance, climb stairs, ride a bike, or do anything that raises your heart beat for at least thirty minutes twice a week to get the full impact of your exercise. Simply walking more can also help, so try picking the further away parking spaces when you go out or try walking to nearby stores.

Spot exercising is not helpful. Many commercials claim that if you work on a certain part of the body, all the fat melts right off that part. The body does not work that way: when you burn fat it pulls fat away from all over, not just your belly. All spot exercising does is tighten the muscles under and above the fat. In contrast, strength training is a good way to get rid of a pot belly. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so by adding more muscle you burn fat during your exercises and will keep burning more fat even when you are at rest.

Having a good diet does not mean doing one of those “the celebrities are doing it” diets. Instead, try making a list of what you eat regularly. From there, look at the least healthy parts and try to find healthy substitutes. For example, if you love candy, try switching to dried fruit. Most of all, do not stress about this! Worrying makes any fat you eat stick, so relax and be positive.