How To Get Rid of a Scar

Scars can tell you the story of your life. Scars can represent falls you took as a child or they can represent surgeries that you have had in the past. Scars can tell you so much, but they can be rather unattractive. Some can even be downright unsightly. There are a lot of people who feel self conscious about the appearance of their scars regardless of how small they may be. There are a few options for you to consider when it comes to how to get rid of a scar. You will have to choose which is best and most affordable to you. Research your options thoroughly.


  • Laser Scar Removal – It is possible to remove scars using laser surgery treatments. Laser abrasion is one of the most popular forms of laser scar removal. Other laser treatments include micro abrasion therapy and abrasion therapy.
  • Excision – It may be possible to surgically remove a scar through surgery. The scar is cut from the body. Whether or not stitches are used to sew up the wound depends on the size of the scar that has been removed and how deep the surgeon had to go to remove the scar.
  • Tissue Expansion – Another method in getting rid of scars includes tissue expansion. Tissue expansion allows for the the scar to be removed and the tissue of the skin to be stretched to cover the area where the scar was removed.
  • Skin grafting – Skin from other areas of the body which are not scarred can be taken and used to cover the area with the scar. This can allow you to naturally get rid of the scar by using your own skin.
  • Radiotherapy and Collagen Injections – Radiotherapy and collagen injections can be used to change the appearance of scars as well. This can reduce the appearance of small scars.
  • Scar Removal Cream – For scars that are not very deep or are very light in appearance, you can purchase over the counter revitol scar removal cream. This cream can be used to fill in light scars. Scar removal cream can be ordered here. This type of cream is very inexpensive and it is easy to use.
  • Pressure Dressings – For those who have some serious scarring pressure dressings have been proven to be effective. Pressure dressings are used for deep scarring. It is where a dressing is applied to the scar very tightly in an attempt to muffle the appearance. This sort of therapy has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of burn victims.
  • Home Remedies – There are a number of different home remedies that can be use to get rid of scars on your own. Rub potato peels on your scar. You can also use aloe vera gel. Rub Vitamin E oil on your scar on a daily basis. All of these popular and cost friendly methods of getting rid of scars that can diminish the appearance of your scar.