How To Get Rid of Abscesses

What are abscesses?

Abscess is a tender cyst like thing that you can get on your body. This is a mass of debris and pus accumulated. Abscesses can most commonly occur around your anus, vagina, spinal column, tooth, armpits or groin. They can be pink or dark red in color.

Why do abscesses occur?

Abscesses occur when the sebaceous gland or sweat gland get blocked. Little skin breaks or skin ruptures can also form abscesses. Inflammation of hair follicles can also give rise to abscesses. Abscesses cannot be left unattended. Abscesses tend to grow in size, and at one time you will no more be able to take the tension that it creates on your skin. So, it is advisable that you seek a doctor’s opinion as soon as you can.

Getting rid of abscesses is not that tough. An abscess is just a cyst, and no form of cancer, as many might fear it to be. Here are a few ways of getting rid of abscesses:

Antibiotics: Your doctor can prescribe a few antibiotics if he understands that the abscesses can be treated by just those. In this case you do not need to think of any other ways of treatment.

Magnesium sulfate: A paste of magnesium sulfate can also be applied on the abscesses. It will gradually drain it of its own by regular application.

Incision and drainage: Seeing a doctor is the best option when you want to drain your abscesses. Do not try to poke it yourself as it can get worse that way. The doctor will make an incision and drain it, and also prescribe certain antibiotics and painkillers. Draining abscesses can only be done till the thing has reached a pus stage. Else, it might be worse to tamper with it before time.

Primary closure: This is also a great way to treat abscesses. Antibiotics and curettage with primary closure will heal your abscesses.

Surgery: Small surgery can also be needed. In some cases surgery can be associated with high risk. In such a scenario, your doctor will delay the surgery or go for other ways of treatment.

Do not be worried if your abscesses tend to come back. This is a case of a bacterial infection that keeps coming back. If you have recurrent abscesses your doctor might prescribe you with necessary medications which are mostly antibiotics to get you rid of the bacterial infection. Proper hygiene helps in reducing the chances of getting abscesses.