How To Get Rid of Acne Scars

Acne is not only an unsightly condition, it can also leave permanent scars that can be just as unsightly as the acne. Acne is a common occurrence in young teenagers because of the abnormal amount of hormones they have in their bodies, but teenagers are not the only people who suffer from acne. Many adults suffer from acne long after their teenaged years are over. While the acne may go away with time and treatment, the scars that are left behind often do not go away. There are a few treatment options you can use to make the acne scars go away or at the very least be less visible.

  • See Your Dermatologist- If you are someone who suffers from embarrassing and unsightly acne scars you should make an appointment to see your dermatologist right away. They can provide you with all of the information you need to consider all of your treatment options carefully. Your dermatologist will know all of the latest and greatest advancements in acne scar removal. Your dermatologist can suggest topical treatments or surgical treatment options.
  • Subcision Treatments- This acne scar treatment option detaches the upper layers of skin from the tissue that is underneath of the skin. This allows the skin to go back to the way that it was before the scar appeared. This kind of treatment option is only for small and very minor scars. More than one treatment is usually needed to see any kind of results.
  • Punch Treatments- There are three different kinds of punch treatments. Type one of punch treatments is called punch replacement. Punch replacement is where the scar is completely removed from the body surgically and a skin graft is placed on top of where the scar was. Type two is called punch excision. Punch excision is where the scar is completely removed from the body. A skin graft is not placed where the scar once was. The skin is left to heal. The third type is called punch elevation. Punch elevation is when the skin is removed from the deeper tissue underneath. This can leave the skin looking slightly elevated or raised, which diminishes or removes the appearance of the scar.
  • Chemical Peels– Chemical peels are a mixture of different types of acid which are placed onto the body. The peel is left on for a period of time. Once the time period is up the peel is removed from the body. The acids that are in the chemical peel eat away the top layers of skin. This treatment option is to be used only for very light scarring.
  • Dermabrasion Treatments- This sort of treatment for acne scars is where the top layer of skin is rubbed away with a material that is sort of like sand paper. The abrasive disk sands away the top layer of skin and any scars as well. This treatment can allow scars to come back. This is a very expensive treatment option in comparison to the other options you have available to you. This is also not the most effective way to get rid of acne scars.

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