How To Get Rid of ADHD

What is ADHD?

ADHD basically stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is basically a growth-related and behavioral disorder due to several factors, and is present among children and teenagers. If a child is being over-reactive, inattentive, indifferent to others or impulsive, then he or she is at the risk of ADHD.

How can this disease be treated?

There are a variety of ways and methods that can help you greatly to cure ADHD in your child. All you need to do is stop worrying, and start up with the following actions:

  • Proper medication: Ritalin and dexamphetamine are the two major medicated drugs that are used to cure ADHD. These basically calms the child’s behavior and act as a relaxant.
  • Anger Management is a must for all those children who are really impulsive and get angry very soon as it helps a child to know the root causes of his or her anger and also teaches how to cope up with their anger through various stress managing and relaxing methods.
  • Cognitive Therapy is very useful in teaching a child different techniques of self control and patience and enhance the thinking skills of a child. Different games of role playing and strategies give children an insight about over viewing the future consequences of the steps they take in present, and this is all what cognitive therapy comprises of.
  • Family Counseling is very important if the child suffers from ADHD, as with this family members learn how to manage and cope up with their child with ADHD. Family cooperation and anger management techniques together can prove to be of great help in bringing the children out of such a problem
  • Dietary Changes It is important to know that ADHD does not occur due to inappropriate diet, therefore, dietary changes do not affect the behaviour of child much.


Things to keep in mind

  • Using two or more methods and helping your child fight ADHD and also expressing your support towards him or her can greatly help them overcome ADHD and recover fast. So, try to spend abundant time with your child.
  • Distractions which increase the risk of ADHD such as television shows, violent video games and movies or loud and hard music must be reduced and avoided as far as possible as these can stimulate anger and impatience in your child.
  • All the things in the house, especially in the child’s room must always be kept in an organised manner so as to avoid the toys and your child’s favourite things from getting lost in a mess. If he or she loses what they want and are not able to find it, it will disturb them and encourage their anger.
  • Always encourage the good deeds that your children do, by rewarding them with gifts, hugs or even mere words. This will act as a bonus and they will be encouraged to improve their behaviour to get your appreciation.

Other things to that you should keep in mind, as a parent, portraying a calm, composed and a disciplined behaviour towards your child and giving them different enjoyable works to perform at which he or she can easily succeed.

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