How To Get Rid of Adult Still’s Disease

Known commonly as the Adult-Onset Still’s disease, it is a painful health condition seen among the people falling into the age group of 23 – 30 years. It is an intense systemic inflammatory condition wherein the affected persons are known to have spiking fevers, severe joint pains, and a pinkish rash across the body. While there are no particular underlying causes for this condition, studies suggest that the presence of malfunctioning cytokines could be causing the pain and inflammation. Plus, you cannot conclude that a person has this condition by just looking at the condition; he/she has to get his blood tested under laboratory conditions to establish the non-existence of antibodies.

Steroids – prednisone, to be more specific – is the most widely prescribed allopathic solution to this condition. Plus, doctors quite often prescribe medications that could restrict the functioning of Interleukin-1, the inflammation triggering cytokine. While there are certain herbal remedies that are often used as complementary treatments with allopathic drugs, the lack of evidences about the nature of this health condition prevents giving out any imperative solution.

Do check with a doctor before you start trying these natural cures for Adult Still’s disease.

Home Remedies for Adult Still’s Disease

  1. Licorice with astragalus


Both these herbs are known to have the same benefits that prednisone renders. They ease the inflammation as well as pain experienced. Thanks to the lush presence of assorted anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and organic compounds, these herbs do come as a blessing for those who are under the attack of Adult Still’s disease. Try including these as herbal teas in your diets for maximum benefits.

  1. Aloe Vera, Ginger, Alfalfa, and Bilberry Juice Blend

aloe vera

All the four ingredients mentioned above are gifted anti-inflammatory solutions. They ward off the inflammation, ease the pain, and even curb the antibodies triggering inflammation. Mix them and blend them into a juice and consume it. You can even use the ingredients separately or as an ingredient in your cooking. If you do not have access to aloe and bilberry directly, then be careful while picking up the packed juices.

  1. Increase you vitamin D3 and calcium intake

Vitamin Supplement

Lack of vitamin D3 and calcium is known to have a severe impact on your bones, in terms of their growth as well as strength. The inflammation and degradation of bones in this particular condition is quite painful and many studies do point out that it worsens in people having a vitamin D3 or calcium deficiency.

Include more leafy green vegetables, dairy products, and soy based products in your diet for that natural source of calcium. And for vitamin D3, you can try mushrooms, eggs, oysters, and fish.

  1. Yoga

hot yoga

While walking is quite often suggested to improve the flexibility of joints, there has been a recent surge in more and more people taking to yoga for improving their flexibility, while easing the inflammations and pain under this condition. It improves the flow of blood, while keeping the stress associated with this condition at bay. Poses such as Wide Legged Forward Bend helps in strengthening the knees and hip joints, while the much touted Cobra Pose is a good whole body strengthener and stress reliever.

Fix a personal yoga schedule with a trained yoga teacher for 4 times a week. Make sure that you are doing each session for 45 to 60 minutes. Along with that keeping walking for about half an hour daily. Keep the walking pace slow to medium. This will prevent you from over indulging and getting hurt and worsening the condition.

A word of caution: Whenever you are dong yoga, just ensure that you are doing it on partially empty stomach. Have a cup of milk about an hour before you start your practice for the strength.

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  1. Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Moving meditation, as you can call it, it one of the best ways along with yoga to keep your stress levels at bay. This traditional Chinese martial art technique has gentle, slow movements that is done with loads of concentration. It is also beneficial to ease the pain, stiffness, and stress experienced by people suffering from Adult Still’s disease. Studies do suggest that people who practice Tai Chi regularly are known to look at life in a more positive way.

Adult Still’s disease is a serve health condition. The slightest negligence in any form could invite life threatening complications. While the above mentioned natural remedies are quite widely used, use of steroids is very important to keep this health condition under control. Hence, please exercise caution before trying out anything.