How To Get Rid of an Immature Reputation

There is a very thin line between being immature and being childlike and not many people can tell one from the other. Of course, while it’s tricky to be perfectly right about it, there is a world of difference in other’ opinion of you when you’re being immature or childlike. When you are childlike, you have a heart of a child and you see joy in everything. Everything is possible for you. Being an immature is quite close, however at times you may trample on other people’s emotions. Do not let other people decide whether you are being childlike or immature. If you have childish immaturity where you always see beauty in everything, don’t try to get rid of it. However, if your immaturity is related to undesirable behavior, hurting other people, not able to act sensibly, and not able to manage things; then it could well be hampering your progress in life.

Most of the times, your understanding of your maturity comes from other people’s opinion. People who are entitled to their views form their opinion based on their perceptions and their personal understanding of the things. If you have a reputation of being immature it may hinder your chances of growth in your office. Therefore, what you try figure out is; how to get rid of an immature reputation?

How to Get Rid of an Immature Reputation

Some tips on becoming and “looking” more mature

Here are some simple tips on changing the reputation that you are carrying:

Accept yourself the way you are: When you continuously keep hearing from people that you are immature, you somewhat start believing in it. Due to this you start underestimating yourself and your self-esteem also takes a hit. You start hating yourself the way you are. This is the worst you could do to yourself. People will say whatever they want to. It may or may not be true. Do not leave it up to them to decide what is right for you. Just pause for a moment, spend some time with yourself and figure out. Start by being okay with yourself. Even if you feel you have been immature and have made mistakes in the past, forgive yourself. Past is un-editable and future is creatable. So do not waste too much time in the past. Do not feel guilty. Replace it with awareness. List out everything that you think you did wrong in the past. Take a deep breath. Smile and say, “it’s okay, I forgive myself.” And when you will start accepting yourself, people will start accepting you. When you will start admitting your mistakes, people will know that you are becoming mature.

Acknowledge and admit your mistakes: This continues taking the cue from the first advice. Admitting the mistakes to yourself is the bravest and the hardest thing to do but it all starts from there. Once you are aware of your own immature behaviors and mistakes of the past and once you are comfortable with them, start acknowledging them in front of others. No it does not mean you have to go out and start telling everyone proactively. Until you have really hurt or harmed someone, you don’t need to proactively go to people and talk about your mistakes. But when someone points out your mistakes, which you have acknowledged already, tell them they are right and that now your past is behind you. People will appreciate your honesty and start considering you as mature.

Tell them you have changed: People would neither know nor believe that you have changed so they will treat you in the same manner as before. If you encounter such a situation do not get angry. Getting angry would be the sign of immaturity. Instead be calm and tell them politely that you have changed and they will see a more mature you from now on.

Give it some time: Do not expect people that will start seeing you in the new light right away. You have had certain traits people are used to seeing. It will take some time for people to acknowledge that you have changed. Patience is the virtue of the mature. You cannot afford to lose patience as it will immediately get you labeled as immature again.

Some won’t change: This could be the hardest thing to accept but you will have to make your ego understand that some people will never change their opinion of you. It does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with you. If you have changed, stay that way. Why do you think there can’t be other immature people around? It is most likely that the other immature people will never change their opinion about you. They will continue treating you as they did before. Does that matter to you? As long as you know you have changed, this should be the last of your concerns.