How To Get Rid of Atherosclerosis

All that instantly-prepared fast convenient foods can easily catch up with us. At some point the consumption of such becomes so habit-forming we do not even notice how negatively our unhealthy eating routines affect us.

We have to learn prevention, and we have to learn how to get rid of arteriosclerosis (clogged arteries) which results from poor diet. We also have to learn how to become more active so that our cardiovascular functioning is improved.

Causes and Consequences

Our cardiovascular functioning experiences more and more malfunctions as we age. The longer we eat unhealthily the worse this problem can become. The main cause of Atherosclerosis is the consumption of too many high-fat and high-cholesterol foods.

These fatty substances eventually will block the blood flow throughout our arteries and veins. Likewise, even undigested nutrients such as calcium also cannot any longer be processed the right way by our body if we do not eat right.

Eventually, a clogged artery might cause a heart attack, and it can also it blocks an artery going to the brain, you which leads to a stroke. The main objective is to improve the function of your arteries before it is too late.

Functioning of a Healthy Artery

An artery that works properly helps support the flow of blood through the body, in and out and through the heart. This proper circulation is what helps support the production of oxygen, which we need to survive.


Even some of the slightest positive changes in diet and lifestyle can add years to a person’s life. It is highly recommended if you want to get rid of arteriosclerosis that you start eating healthier.

Try increasing fruits and vegetable intake and increase your whole grain intake. At the same time you should lower the amount of highly-processed meats, cheese, canned goods, and noodles. Whenever possible, substitute white bread and pasta for healthier versions made of whole-grains.

You can also substitute a meat serving for some type of bean. You would be surprised at how filling and rich a dish made with beans can be, for example.

In addition to eating a diet with more fruits and vegetables you should also make sure you drink plenty of water. Engaging in heart-pumping physical activity at least a few times a week also helps.

Importance of Prevention

If you do not eat healthy even from a young child you can have major health problems. In fact, diseases such as coronary artery diseases can appear even before you become an adult. Childhood obesity is a concern often overlooked, but a child who does not eat healthy could grow up having major problems.

However, even if you are an adult it is not too late you can still prevent the onslaught of or at least the worsening of the above disease. If it is not preventable you can at least reduce symptoms.

Changing your diet and lifestyle could also prevent other serious health complications such as infarction which is characterized by blood clotting. You can also prevent and peripheral artery disease which is characterized by poor circulation to the legs, arms, and other places in the body.

Of course, you can also prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, and other heart and cardiovascular problems. Even if you are genetically at a higher risk eating healthier and exercising right can help immensely.