How To Get Rid of Atopic Dermatitis

Are you suffering from atopic dermatitis, a condition that causes skin rashes and a number of scaly spots around your body? You need to use a few things in mind if you want to keep this condition from being worse than it currently is so you can control your skin and make it feel better.

Avoiding Triggers

You can get rid of atopic dermatitis if you are aware of the factors that can cause it to develop or become worse in intensity. Some of the things that can be done to control this condition include the following points:

  • Avoiding contact with pollen, dust mites or other common allergens
  • Avoiding dry cold air
  • Keeping your skin moist
  • Avoid excessive water
  • Using soaps and lotions that do not contain dyes or fragrances
  • Rubbing your skin too hard, particularly when you are in the shower or bath

How to Get Your Skin Moist

You can use plenty of moisture on your skin to keep atopic dermatitis from being problematic. This is provided that you are careful with what you are doing. Several things need to be done when using moisture for your skin:

  • An ointment like petroleum jelly can work about two or three times in a day.
  • You may have an easier time keeping your skin moist if you use a humidifier in your home to go with the moisturizer.
  • You need to avoid using moisturizers that have fragrances, alcohols and dyes in them.
  • A moisturizer works best on the skin after taking a bath or shower. The moisturizer can be used at this point to get moisture to trap inside your skin.

Control the Itching

Have you ever felt an itch that is difficult to scratch? You might suffer from atopic dermatitis in this case. You need to keep the itching of atopic dermatitis under control so you are not going to be at risk of irritating it any further. You can do several things to your skin to keep the condition from being problematic:

  • An anti-itch cream can be used on trouble spots around your skin. You can use calamine to help you out. Oral antihistamines can also work but it’s better for you to use them in the event that other solutions for your skin have not worked out.
  • Cotton clothing is better on your skin because it is not going to irritate it that much.
  • Baking soda or oatmeal powder can be used in a bath to control the itching and to relax the skin.

You have to use these moves if you are going to get rid of atopic dermatitis. You need to avoid the triggers that can cause it and keep your skin moist without risking anything serious. Getting rid of the itches around your skin is always a good idea to take a look at as well. This is all to protect your skin from the problems that can come with atopic dermatitis.