How To Get Rid of Autism

When some kind of a disorder or a hindrance occurs in a child’s mental growth, it is can referred to as Autism, where his or her communication and social interaction skills are harmed. Symptoms such as restrictive or repeated behavior of a child even at the age of three, indicate directly towards autism.

6 Ways To Get Rid of Autism

There are quite a few methods that are devised out in order to cure autism. If you have a child who portrays autism’s symptoms, you must consider the following ways:

1. Prescribed Medication For Autism


The treatment for Autism is normally done with anti convulsants or psychoactive drugs out of which, the most effective results were experienced in antipsychotics, other than those experienced in stimulants and antidepressants. Drugs such as aripiprazole, olanzapine, blockers like dopamine, methylphenidate and also some inhibitors for re-uptake made of serotonin are also used for curing autism among children, but are, however, prescribed off-label.

2. Vitamins and Other Nutrition’s

vitamin b6

These are offered to those children, among whom the symptoms of autism are revealed. Nutritional supplements like magnesium and vitamin B6 or pyridoxine are some of the most commonly used in an autistic child’s diet. Meanwhile, dimethylglycine is known to reduce autistic behaviors and improve a child’s speech. Vitamin C is easily found in many fruits and vegetables, and it helps greatly in treating autism. Melatonin manages sleep related problems and thus, monitors growth related aspects. Omega-3 fatty acids help in declining hyperactivity of autistic children.

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3. Diets


One of the major reasons, why autism is found in children is mainly due to their inappropriate diet. Autistic children generally have a really poor diet, which, instead of causing malnutrition, end up causing from-gastro-intestinal problems due to unavailability of food.

4. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Abbreviated and commonly termed as HBOT, also provides immense help in curing autistic children, as it boosts the body’s oxygen content and thereby, increases the blood count, since the haemoglobin becomes very low among such children.

5. Pivotal Response Therapy

Autistic Toddler

Commonly abbreviated and used as PRT, aims at the pivotal regions in your child’s growth, rather than on their behavioural manners. The PRT basically involves and targets social initiations, self-management, responsiveness to different cues and motivation.

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6. Communication Interventions


Communication interventions are very essential in order to treat an autistic child. This is because a person suffering from autism does not possess impressive and not like others social skills and face problems in communicating with people.

Being in groups that enhance social skills, having good supportive friends, telling of stories, tutoring among peers, practising self handling and management, engaging in social-active games, joining a therapy that enhances pivotal responses, improving the usage of visual cues and many more can come under communication skills because all such things are very essential for curing an autistic child with great care, love, and affection.

Parental distress should be minimised and if your child is facing the same problem, it is very essential for you, as a responsible parent, to know the right way to deal with your child. The hope that your child may become good soon and gets rid of autism and come up with great health, will always be there.